How fans are tricking unsuspecting girlfriends into seeing Deadpool for Valentine’s Day

Slated for release on Valentine’s Day weekend, no one should have to see Deadpool alone, and thanks to these new posters it should be easy to find a date.

In the spirit of the Merc’s fourth wall-breaking style, the campaign has released some insanely clever promos for the upcoming R-rated flick, with the newest selection attempting to trick unwitting moviegoers into believing Deadpool‘s February release date is actually a wholesome, sugary rom-com.

Alongside the captions like, “True love never dies,” and “This Valentine’s Day, fall in love with Deadpool”, and “A love worth killing for,” the posters lovingly pair Wade Wilson with his ‘best gal’ Vanessa Carlysle.

Redditors are already taking advantage of the new images, posting their attempts to lure unsuspecting girlfriends into settling in for a romantic night of Deadpool.

Thanks Deadpool! Going to watch you Valentine’s Day


Girlfriend fell for it perfectly

I hope she doesn’t burn my face off

Haha I can’t wait

Got em

Another poor GF fell for it

So, do you have a date for Deadpool?