Rey & BB-8 Premium Format™ Figures

“Where do you come from?”

“Classified? Really? Me too. Big secret”

The introduction of Rey marked a whole new chapter in the Star Wars saga. The excitement surrounding an all-new character was incredible. And, thanks to a masterful performance by British actress Daisy Ridley, she has become a strong and positive female role model for fans both young and old.

For all of the die-hard Star Wars fans here at Sideshow, The Force Awakens gave us an opportunity to finally learn more about life after the fall of the Empire. Seeing this changed world through the eyes of an endearing character like Rey made this new adventure something to be treasured. We were hooked!

Sideshow collectors have come to expect nothing short of excellence from our Premium Format™ pieces. Mixing sculptural and fabric elements with supreme movie-accuracy and exceptional attention to detail, for many collectors our Premium Format™ Figures have become the gold standard. This new piece, featuring a beautiful and thoroughly lifelike portrait of Daisy Ridley as Rey is no exception!

Standing 20” tall from the bottom of her sand-filled shoes to the tip of her trademark staff, this limited edition Premium Format™ Figure captures Rey’s likeness so perfectly that it is almost like a snapshot of a moment in time. The beautiful and thoroughly lifelike portrait of Daisy Ridley, with her determined expression and intricately sculpted hair is utterly entrancing.

Every piece of her outfit has been painstakingly reproduced for the utmost accuracy and authenticity. Her multiple layered and textured fabric garments and accessories, with every miniature fold, seam and stitch, have been duplicated exactly.

The Sideshow Exclusive version of thisPremium Format™ Figure also features Rey’s Rebel X-Wing helmet. A relic scavenged from the wreckage on Jakku.

When it is time to decide on the presentation of your Rey Premium Format™ Figure you could choose to display Rey as a stand-alone piece, or, you could place her next to a cute little droid companion!

Our BB-8 Premium Format™ Figure makes an ideal complimentary piece for Rey. In fact, BB-8’s desert themed base is specially designed to echo the visuals found on Rey’s base.

“The droid…stole a freighter?”

It all began as a sketch drawn by J.J Abrams on a napkin one evening.

A deceptively simple design comprising of little more than a ball with a dome on top, but Abram’s novel idea for a droid (who he named BB-8) was brought to life by special effects wizard Neal Scanlan and became both an engineering marvel and one of the most exciting and innovative practical effects in recent movie history.

Abrams and his creative team also managed to develop a droid that was packed with charm and personality. BB-8 was the perfect mix of innocence and precociousness – an adorable new member of the Star Wars universe!

BB-8 quickly became an office favorite character here at Sideshow HQ, and it is our pleasure to offer him for the first time in our flagship Premium Format™.

From the bottom of his base to the tip of his antenna, BB-8 stands 9” tall, and he is simply overflowing with the little intricacies that you have come to expect from our Premium Format™ Figures.

We’ve captured every subtle nuance of BB-8’s ingenious design,  from the surprisingly soulful and character filled “eyes” of his photoreceptor, to the stained, scratched and dirty panels of his spherical body, each little detail helps to make this chirpy little Astromech come to life and steal your heart.

Both BB-8’s head and torso feature integrated LED light up features, bringing another layer of screen-accurate detail as well as added visual charm to this adorable BB unit.

The Sideshow Exclusive variant BB-8 features a swap-out panel with an extended welding tool giving a “thumbs up” gesture.


  • Zac Roane, Rachel Roubicek, Ian MacDonald, Zane Yarbrough (Design)
  • Mat Black, Will Harbottle, Tim Niver (Sculpt)
  • Daniel Staig (Mold & Cast)
  • Chie Izuma, Kat Sapene (Paint)
  • Esther Skandunas (Cut & Sew)
  • The Sideshow Design & Development Team


  • Zac Roane, Rachel Roubicek (Design)
  • Pascual Wawoe, Tim Niver (Sculpt)
  • Daniel Staig (Mold & Cast)
  • Chie Izuma, Jason Eaton (Paint)
  • The Sideshow Design & Development Team


Rey will be priced at 479.99 and is available for pre-order beginning on Thursday, February 16.

BB-8will be priced at 284.99 and is available for pre-order beginning on Thursday, February 16.

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