See Cosplayers and Collectibles from the Collector-Verse Booth at Wondercon 2018!

At Wondercon 2018, our friends at the Collector-Verse hosted an array of awesome figures and statues on display from Sideshow at their booth, including:

Cosplayers from all fandoms stopped by to take some amazing pictures with the figures of their favorite characters- check it out! (We really like seeing Star Wars collectibles paired with their life-size buddies!)

Fans also had the opportunity to enter to win a Demithyle Legendary Scale™ Figure, and the contest is still running for fans who weren’t able to make the trip to Wondercon.

There was also a quest for an ethereal Court of the Dead exclusive pin, which took mourners on a journey to Badali Jewelry and Insight Editions.  Congrats to all the mourners who ventured out on such a brave adventure and claimed their gorgeous Gethsemoni-inspired collectible pin!

Did you visit the Collector-Verse during Wondercon 2018?  What conventions are you next looking forward to?  Let us know in the comments!