See the All Souls Collected for Sideshow’s Spooktacular 2018!- Updated with Official Winners!

Throughout Spooktacular 2018, Sideshow is giving away over $20,000 in prizes through contests and giveaway across our various social media platforms including Facebook, email, InstagramTwitter, and even via livestreams on Youtube.

We challenged our fans and collectors to tell us what clever, cool, or funny thing they would do to win a prize of their choosing.  We call this Sideshow Soul Collecting!

Below, we have compiled a list of all the winners who submitted their Soul Collecting materials on time- such an outpouring of fun, clever, and creative challenges!  Take a look at the video compilation below to see the hilarious, heartwarming, and downright silly things that won these collectors a prize!

Plus, see the offers of the unfortunate souls who were unable to complete their challenges by the allotted deadline- better luck next time!

Successfully Collected Souls

These clever collectors set their terms and bravely bargained for a collectible of their choosing…  Now see the finished results!

Throughout Spooktacular 2018, Sideshow is giving away over $20,000 in prizes through contests and giveaway across our various social media platforms including Facebook, email, Instagram, Twitter, and even via livestreams on Youtube. We challenged our fans and collectors to tell us what clever, cool,
  • Gregg F.- “For a Jules and Vincent set, I will assemble a group of at least 5 people to sing and dance the entire Monster Mash song together- everyone will have at least one black article of clothing and each singer will be holding a pumpkin with a close to perfect carving of the Sideshow S in it.”
  • Nikki M.- “For a Gotham City Nightmare Batman Statue to gift to my boyfriend, I will dress like Supergirl and hand out a bunch of comics and toys as treats at a children’s hospital for Halloween.”
  • Jesse L.- “I will record myself singing an original Spooktacular parody song I created to the tune of Lady Marmalade in exchange for a Freddy Krueger PF.”
  • Jeremy (@Jzerby00)– “For a Hot Toys Boba Fett Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure, I will shave my own head down the middle, with the Sideshow logo on one side while also shaving the opposite half of my facial hair.  I can also shave the Mandalorian insignia into the other half.”
  • Nathan B.- “For the Jabba the Hutt and Throne Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure Set (up for negotiation), I will go to a hardware store dressed as Indiana Jones and ask an employee to help me find “Dr. T’s Snake-Away Snake Repellant”. If they have it in stock, I will by the repellant and work in the phrase, “Snakes, why did it have to be snakes!” while talking to the cashier. I will also have the Raiders March playing from a speaker hidden in my costume.”
  • Bob T.- “For the Darth Vader Rogue One PF, I will invite Darth Vader over (spoiler alert- it’s me in a costume!) and have him mow the biggest Sideshow S ever made- over 60 feet tall- into my grass field so the Empire can see it from the Death Star!”
  • Patrick (@Patrick90784152)– “In exchange for either the Batman, Joker, or Harley PF I will happily don full Jedi robes and pose for pictures with tourists, proudly holding a Sideshow Spooktacular sign, at the southernmost point in the US (down in Key West!).”
  • Theodore T.– “For a Hot Toys Deluxe Boba Fett (Empire Strikes Back), I will stand on a busy street corner with a sign that says “Watch for the Snapture! Thanos is coming!”
  • Benjamin S.– “I call this soul offering Florida Lawnmower Massacre! I’ll gladly dress as Leatherface and slave away on yard work for a horror Premium Format Figure of Leatherface, Freddy, or Jason!”
  • Davis J.- “In exchange for a T-Rex Bust by DamToys, I will wear a Dr. Ian Malcolm costume to my local library and walk around asking for books on paleontology and chaos theory! While I’m doing this, I’ll also be doing my best Jeff Goldblum impression.”
  • Ham I.– “For a Hot Toys Spider-Man Advanced Suit, I will dress up as Spider-Man in a movie-accurate costume and visit the pediatrics department at Mount Sinai to hang out with the kids as Spider-Man.”
  • Jeremy M.– “I offer to wear a Ketchup costume and battle my daughter in a mustard costume to a lightsaber duel in front of the town library to see what condiment gets the high ground- for a Hot Toys ESB Darth Vader.”
  • Jason T.– “For a chance to win a Spider-Man Hot Toys, my son wants to read stories to kids at our local library while wearing his Spider-Man cosplay outfit!”
  • @quicksilver1082 – “For a Hot Toys Sixth Scale Thanos, I will go to the local comic book store, buy 10 Funko POPs, take them to the local library and hand them out as Trick or Treat surprises for kids, all while wearing my replica Iron Man helmet with a Sideshow logo on it.”

Poor, Unfortunate Souls…

See here those tasks that went unfulfilled, whose souls were left to wander…

  • Jose A.- “For a Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 4 with Gantry, I will attempt to do a spooky ‘Thriller’ video with my coworkers all dressed up with a graveyard theme around the office.  It will be amazing.”
  • Susan G.- “I’m a bartender and I will serve guests in full Gladiator Hulk garb for a Gladiator Hulk Sixth Scale!”
  • @Admiral_braddus – “For the Sideshow Sixth Scale Probe Droid, I will surprise my wife and coworkers at lunch and serve them all ice cream while dressed up as a Snowtrooper.”

Oh no!  Spooktacular can be especially scary if you don’t complete your Soul Collecting challenges on time.  Looks like there will be more tricks than treats coming your way- better luck next time!  Make sure you read all the rules and follow all the deadlines, or you could end up going home empty-handed.

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