Add Sideshow and Court of the Dead Designs Into Your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game!

Normally, chores like weeding your garden, cleaning your house, and paying off a mortgage don’t sound like anyone’s idea of escapist fun- unless you’re diving deep into the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch!

This highly-anticipated Nintendo title launched this spring, and its timing could not have been better. Thousands of gamers worldwide are escaping their indoor doldrums with idyllic island getaways as they curate, decorate, and landscape to their hearts content. Now, you can Let Your Geek Sideshow in the virtual world with specially-designed Sideshow apparel exclusively for your Animal Crossing: New Horizons experience.

Choose from Sideshow staffer-designed hats, shirts, and canvases featuring styles from Court of the Dead, Unruly Industries™, Let Your Geek Sideshow, and more. Download these exciting custom outfits into your game and let your character be the envy of every island visitor as you show off your virtual collection in Sideshow style!

Note, you do need to have a Nintendo Switch Online Membership and working internet access in order to download these codes. Find out how to do so with the instructions below, and then pick your Sideshow style with the custom designs pictured here.

How to Access Pro/Custom Designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

QR Code Reader

1.) If you have the Nintendo Switch Online Membership, then to transfer QR Code patterns into your game, you need to first download the Nintendo Switch App onto your real-life phone. It acts just like the in-game Nook App, and allows you to chat and use voice features with your friends.

2.) Once your app and your game are synced, you can easily scan designs in the “Designs” widget in the phone app. Simply point your phone’s camera at the QR Code you want to save and then hit download! Note, you can only save one code at a time.

3.) Once you have a design saved, go to your in-game Custom Designs app on your NookPhone. Select an empty design slot where you want to save the QR Code, press the [+] button on your right JoyCon, and then save the new design over the blank slot. These designs can be used as canvases, simple clothing, and ground tiles, among other decorative applications. Once the first design is saved, you can scan new codes from your real-life phone. Rinse and repeat!

Able Sisters Kiosk

1.) If your island has the Able Sisters’ Tailor Shop, you can download Pro Designs- custom hats, hoodies, dresses, and more- and save them into your Custom Designs app on your NookPhone. You also need the Nintendo Switch Online Membership for this feature (the same subscription that allows you to visit friends’ islands).

2.) To get the Able Sisters shop on your island, you need to purchase clothing from Mable when she visits your town plaza on random days. After spending enough bells with her, she will ask you to set up a plot of land for her shop. Et voila! You will have the Tailor Shop open the next day.

3.) Once Mable and Sable have opened for business on your island, simply visit the Custom Designs Portal at the back of their store- it looks like a large upright screen. You can search by Creator ID and by Design ID- for these original Sideshow designs, you will be searching by Design ID. Input the alphabetical/numerical code, and you can save designs directly to your open Pro Designs spaces in your in-game NookPhone.

Congrats! Now you’re ready to bring your Sideshow collection into the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons!


You can’t go wrong with the classic Sideshow ‘S’! Download several styles based directly our Sideshow ‘S’ Black Tee and the Sideshow Snapback Hat, as a red baseball tee inspired by our convention team shirts that were exclusively for the staff working at NYCC 2019.

Get these official Sideshow fashions directly by visiting the Able Sisters’ Tailor Shop and using the Clothing ID codes in the graphic above. You can also show off these styles on hangers and mannequins if you like to display different clothes in your home.

Unruly Industries™

Unruly Industries™ knows a thing or two about designer styles. Check out these two unique accessories featuring everyone’s favorite cheeky mascot Splotch! Designed specially for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Unruly Hat and Unruly Hoodie add a pop of color to any islander ensemble. Pair these looks with some high-top sneakers from Kicks the Skunk to bring home some Tracy Tubera sneakerhead style to your outfit.

If you are a collector of hats, you can even hang the Unruly Hat from the walls of your character’s home. Stand near a wall, open the Custom Designs app, and select this design to “Hang on Wall”.

Let Your Geek Sideshow

Let Your Geek Sideshow with these colorful designs created just for you! Choose from two different tanks in blue, pink, and purple, inspired by the LYGSS logo- the ‘S’ Tank and the LYGSS Tank.

Plus, inspire your villagers to express their fandom with the LYGSS acronym flag, which can be changed by talking to Isabelle in the upgraded Resident Services building. This design can even be used to customize furniture items such as beds with quilting patterns.

Court of the Dead ®

Bring Illverness to your island getaway with the Court of the Dead Factions and Underworld United designs. These simple designs can be imported into your game via the Nook App QR Code reader- just enlarge the thumbnail for the design you would like to download and scan away! (Remember, you can only scan and save one code at a time.)

Represent your faction with the Flesh, Bone, and Spirit logo designs, or pledge your allegiance to the Alltaker with the full Underworld United signet! Each design comes as a transparent tile and on a solid, dark background to fit your design needs.

These simple designs can be worn by your character as sleeveless tops and facepaint, and can be placed in your home or on your island as paintings, wall canvases, wallpaper, clothing mannequins, and placed on the ground as tiles and flooring. You can even fly the flag of the Underworld from your Resident Services Plaza.

Just be careful- you may incite a righteous rebellion on your vacation paradise!

Show us how you Let Your Geek Sideshow with these Sideshow designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

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