Sideshow at Shanghai Comic Con 2017 Wrap Up!

During the first weekend of October, Sideshow was represented at Shanghai Comic Con 2017 with a variety of incredible in-stock and pre-ordering products, showcasing a range of characters from the worlds of Star Wars collectibles, Masters of the Universe, DC, Marvel, and more!

In addition, Sideshow sent some eerie emissaries from Court of the Dead, showcasing the strength of the Underworld United.

A special exclusive coin was commissioned by Shanghai Comic Con, designed by a professional currency sculptor to celebrate Court of the Dead.  The showrunners at SHCC are big fans of the Court, and wanted to share a little piece of the Underworld with their attendees.

One side of this gorgeous coin was engraved with the Underworld United medallion, while the other side featured the Queen of the Dead Gethsemoni among a backdrop of sculpted green souls.

The Court of the Dead also created an exclusive pin to commemorate the convention, with the iconic Court skull decorated in red and gold, with SHCC 2017 on the bottom banner.

If you weren’t able to attend Shanghai Comic Con 2017, never fear!  The benevolent souls of the Underworld were able to procure a few of these ethereal exclusive pins to give away.  Enter the contest below!