Sideshow celebrates Love Your Pets Day

February 20th is Love Your Pets Day and it’s a day dedicated to giving your pet all the love, pampering, treats, and attention they can handle (depending on the pet, we know they have different levels). Here’s to all of our furbabies, familiars, friends, and family!

Kal gets all the feels when a box arrives from Sideshow

Na na na na na na na na….Batpups!

My pups love my room #Ratterrier #Papillon #SideshowCollectibles #PremiumFormat

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Guard dogs on duty!


All the power at the tip of her paws


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Yo Joe! Stella shows off her sixth scale dogtags

Dipper is up to mischief in the Marvel Universe

There seems to be a bunny in my bookshelf… #bunny #bunniesofinstagram #comics #graphicnovels

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Cassie’s Corgi Templeton poses like a pro in the Sideshow photo studio

Fighter pilot corgi! #sideshowcollectibles #corgi #templetonthecorgi #starwars #fighterpilot

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Storm trooper corgi! #sideshowcollectibles #corgi #templetonthecorgi #starwars #stormtrooper

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Susan’s cat Smokey “inspects” her toys

Jeannette’s cat Avalanche sports his Sideshow beanie with style

And Gracie’s conure, Gonzo decided to take on ED-209

I gave him 20 seconds to comply.

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Join us in celebrating Love Your Pets Day by sharing your photos with the hashtag #SideshowPets!