Sideshow Featured Collector: Greig Bain

Collector: Greig Bain

Location: United Kingdon

There are collectors who travel from around the world to see this collection and one of them has made a video review on youtube just search Alien Predator Collection Epic!

I run a Facebook page called Predator Alien Collectors also the BST page where i offer free advice, current market values, and on the buy/sell/trade page it help broker deal and put people together within the community, i do all of the for for free as my way of giving back.

I would be very keen to hear what you think, at one stage i have had every single Alien and Predator piece from Sideshow. Sadly I’ve fallen on hard times of late, my collection still stands as it is but unfortunately i had to cancel my preorders with you(life gets in the way sometimes) and it breaks my heart that my collection is not currant which i used to pride myself on. Each new piece which comes out is torture for me just now.

Anyway, this room is the culmination of over 20 years of collecting, sacrifice and passion(i am not a wealthy man). As you will see in the video i tried to think of everything….enjoy!