Sideshow Featured Collector Taisha Feldhaus

Sideshow Featured Collector Taisha Feldhaus

Taisha Feldhaus

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

I started collecting around 2009 or so when we visited a friend’s house and spotted the Sideshow Indiana Jones Premium Format™ Figure from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Before that I collected comic books but I didn’t know that there were companies that made works of art about the fandoms I loved. I got my own Indiana Jones Premium Format figure and I’ve never stopped collecting.

I’m a very well-rounded nerd and my collection reflects that. While I group my figures together within themes, I never limit myself to collecting only one franchise or type of figure. I am a Marvel Comics fan (I collect the comics too) so I have a large amount of Marvel action figures but I also love Star Wars™, video games, and sci-fi/fantasy movies so I pick pieces from my favorites in those categories too. I have a collection of autographs from past Comic-Cons when I’ve run into people on the elevator or met someone while waiting in line all night to get into a panel, like Sir Ian McKellen, Matt Smith, and Karen Gillan.

A few years ago the collection I had at the time was almost entirely destroyed. There was an accident and the display case collapsed breaking every piece inside of it. I can still hear the sound of figures shattering in my head to this day. I had to painstakingly search out replacements for everything that was lost, but I did and I’ve expanded it beyond what I thought I’d do originally.

Some of the pieces are so rare that I’ve seen maybe one show up for sale in the last decade, but what I really like about it is how fun it is. When people see it, their eyes light up, it makes them happy, which is how I feel when I look at them too.

Her favorites
Part of my answer will be in extremes because two of my favorites are huge pieces: my 2-foot tall Sideshow Avengers Hulk Maquette (I adore The Hulk!) and my Premium Format Sideshow Galactus that I wish I could tuck into bed with me at night. And on the very small side of the spectrum I have two intricately beautiful busts from Pan’s Labyrinth that I love, love!

To round out my choices: my light-up Samus Aran Phazon Suit and my Chrome Vader, because who doesn’t like chrome?

Her wishlist
Do you have all day? Oooh, the Premium Format Batgirl for sure! The new Batman Life-Size Collectible from DC Comics’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, that is crazy, I need it (will never happen)! The Premium Format Captain Marvel is gorgeous and the Kerrigan Queen of Blades that I missed out on. I’d also love to have the complete collection of bobbleheads from Fallout 4.