Sideshow Featured Collector: Thomas-Jospeh Carrieri


Thomas-Jospeh Carrieri

Location: San Mateo

I really started when I was a kid with the Mego superheroes. I really loved those and wanted all of them. I rember the box said “Collect them all” and I made it my job! Haha! That then led to the Kenner Star Wars figures. These days all my focus is on Sideshow and Hot Toys. They have really made collectors feel the love with their attention to detail and superb customer service, and they really step up the bar compared to those days of plastic toys.

His Favorites
I love the weathered Obi Wan lightsaber from Master Replicas, that and the 1966 Batman and Robin from Hot Toys. Those two franchises helped shape me as an artist and helped to stretch my imagination.

His Wishlist
As an artist my disposable income for toys fluctuates. I missed the Probe Droid, and the Batman Armory. Those would be sweet additions to any collection.