Sideshow Staff Attends an Evening With Mark Hamill at NYCC 2017

During NYCC 2017, some Sideshow staffers were fortunate enough to attend an event dubbed “An Evening with Mark Hamill,” during which the legendary actor regaled the audience with tales of his life, his work, and why he thinks he needs to quit Twitter.

Here is just a taste of what we learned during this epic evening event!

At the start of the evening, Mark Hamill pulled 15 lucky attendees from their seats to come sit on stage with him while he reminisced.  They were fans young and old, who all knew him from his famous roles.  Every now and then, he even pulled questions from the group on stage to spark stories- the fans were incredibly starstruck, and it’s no surprise why!

There was no real narrative structure to his stories, and no one particular theme.  Hamill moved back and forth through time as it related to the stories he told, from his childhood to his time during Star Wars to his work as a voiceover artist.  He explained that before he got to the point in his life where he was playing Luke Skywalker, he had been sure the part would go to Harrison Ford.  Clearly, that was not the case, and he continued beyond Luke Skywalker to playing characters like The Joker and Skips on the Regular Show.

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As a child, and the middle of seven siblings at that, Hamill said his interests didn’t get as much attention as his other siblings.  He loved to try to do cartoon impressions, which led him towards voice acting as a career when he got older.  Voice acting was always something he really loved because, “No one can see you.”  According to him, the part where the actor has to, “lose yourself in a character” is already done for you, so you can just focus on having fun and recording your voice.

Mark Hamill describes himself as a “nerd on the inside” so he understands the importance of Batman and Star Wars collectibles on a larger scale.  He has a great respect for what it means to be a fan of anything.  His characters are so iconic to so many people, and he recognizes that.

Hamill then switched to a humorous subject- why he thinks he needs to quit twitter.  He said that his account, @HamillHimself, was hacked and whoever did it unfollowed everyone he had previously followed.  All except for one- William Shatner.  His account now follows a few others, but he has no idea how or why this incident happened.

Eventually in the evening, he got to the subject of Carrie Fisher, an emotional topic for all.  He says that he is struggling in his life without her.  She was always his saving grace, and the one who kept him grounded especially during exhausting press tours and events.  Of course, Fisher’s presence in The Last Jedi and the uncertainty of Episode IX was something many fans have wondered about.  Hamill said he is having a hard time looking into life and Star Wars without her, and her absence is felt by so many.  This was a very emotional part of the evening, and it was clear that Carrie had a profound impact on the lives of those around her.

When the event ended, Sideshow staff felt like they could have listened to Hamill talk for hours more!  It was a special opportunity to listen to his insights, humor, and memories as one of the most prominent players in modern pop culture.  The Force is strong with this one!

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