Sideshow Takes Selfies with Thanos

Come and get me!” –Thanos

In his quest to conquer the cosmos and rule with a golden fist, the Mad Titan Thanos took a seat on his throne at Sideshow HQ. We were honored (and terrified) to be in the presence of such a powerful being with all six Infinity Gems at his fingertips.

Just for fun, the Sideshow Team took some selfies with the scourge from Saturn as a testament to his awesome power, and to show off the impressive size of this Maquette statue.

It doesn’t matter who stands next to him- no one can withstand the power of Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet! All is small when compared to the Mad Titan’s might.

The Thanos on Throne Maquette statue is available for pre-order. Bring home the power of the Mad Titan and watch him conquer your collection! Check out more Marvel collectibles HERE.