Alien Egg Statue

Before the Xenomorph can become a full-grown nightmare, it has to begin life somewhere.

But each one of these things comes from an egg, right? So who’s laying these eggs?” –Ellen Ripley

In honor of the Alien legacy, Sideshow takes you back to the earliest evolution of fright with our new Alien Egg Statue, direct from the planet Acheron to your collection.

Also known as an Ovomorph, this egg encases evil within. These eggs may appear to be lifeless shells, but they are actually living organisms with roots and a central nervous system that awakens the terror inside once it detects another sign of life.

Inside of its leathery hull, a Facehugger waits to burst from the Alien Egg and implant a young Xenomorph into its unlucky host.


Made to be in scale with our Alien and upcoming Alien Warrior, the Alien Egg statue sits at just over 5 inches tall to compliment its full-grown Xenomorph siblings.

Petal-like segments of the egg’s textured exterior peel back to reveal an emerging Facehugger looking for a human host. A bit of the fleshy interior is visible, showing that this egg is not just a shell, but a living creature.

The Alien Egg statue lights up with an eerie glow, with illumination in the lower portion of the egg sac. The statue has root-like tendrils curling out from beneath it, and sits on a base reminiscent of where the eggs were found on Acheron.

This Ovomorph was waiting for another sign of life in the desolate reaches of space until you came along. Host your very own Alien Egg statue in your collection today, or it’s game over, man!

The Alien Egg statue will be priced at $64.99 and is available for Pre-Order beginning on May 11, 2017 between 12pm-3pm PT.

Artist Credits

  • Sculpt: Matt Black, Alfred Paredes
  • M/C: Daniel Staig
  • Paint: Joe Dunaway
  • The Sideshow Design and Development Team