Sideshow’s Week in Geek: Dungeons & Dragons!

Sideshow’s Week in Geek spotlights some of the cool and exciting ways Sideshow employees share our lifestyle as pop culture fans on and off the clock.  This week- Dungeons & Dragons!

As geeks and creatives, we value teamwork, imagination, and taking risks for a chance at eternal glory.  Brave in the face of disaster, we choose to roll the dice and see what we can achieve- just as long as we don’t roll a Nat 1…

Sideshow has a thriving community of D&D players- from casual gamers just learning the rules of 5e, to longtime players who know a demogorgon from a displacer beast. Games hosted regularly by the ever-patient DM Jon always result in laughter, panic, cheers, and the occasional (alright, frequent) fantasy bloodshed. This week, we asked players to tell us a little bit more about their character, their experience in-game, and more!

What type of character do you play?

“I play a Halfling Ranger.” –Alex

“I’m a Half-Orc Ranger named Gorr who I call “the close-Ranger” because she’s built for melee combat.  Ironically, I made Wisdom her lowest stat…which isn’t great for her class.” –Amy

“I am currently playing a Half-Elf Rogue, whose background is a Charlatan with a Chaotic-Neutral alignment.” –Jeff

“I’ve played a host of different characters here at Sideshow. Most recently I’ve been finishing up my campaign as Almatar the Breaker (what she breaks is open to interpretation)- she’s a recently fallen Paladin Half-Orc with a sword for an arm. Having a sword for an arm is super cool until your other hand is full and you gotta scratch your nose.” –Emily

“I’m a Dwarf Barbarian who was lawful good, but in a horrible twist of fate she turned to Chaotic Evil.” –Kat

“I play villains, bartenders, merchant Ettercaps, and an adorable broom.  I am the DM.” –Jon

Do you have any gaming accessories that you bring to campaigns with you?

“”I have a handmade dice tower, a tiny green robot, two sets of dice, and a barely working knowledge of how to play.” –Kat

“I have a poorly self-painted mini, a bag of dice, and a green journal that I use to take all the notes during our session.  A lot of the notes don’t make any sense out of context, including quotes like, “This is our Mighty Ducks moment,” and “Mr. Charisma is gonna ride that horse.” –Amy

“Oh, do I! I’ve been amassing a collection of dice that, as my mom puts it, ‘borders on unhealthy.’ My favorite dice would be my heavy metal brass dice and my synthetic opalite dice.” –Emily

“I have a 10” dice tray that I use as well as a Mimic pouch that holds my dice.” –Jeff

“Maps, screens, monsters, and a glittery pink die that seems bent on murdering players.” –Jon

“My bag of dice and a very tiny bottle that acts as the stand-in for my character.” –Alex

What’s your favorite monster or bit of D&D lore?

“To be honest my favorite thing about D&D right now is not connected to lore or monsters. My favorite thing right now is the current iteration of D&D itself (5th Edition). The game is easier to play now, so it doesn’t get bogged down with hour-long debates on rule interpretations, and it’s set up in a way that if you can imagine it, you can do it. This gives the game a lot of movement and the ability to take any bizarre twist or turn.” –Jeff

“Our friends, the Kobolds!” –Kat

“Mimics have to my favorite. They show up so unexpectedly and can be frustrating or hilarious!” –Alex

“Dragons… Must I say more?” –Emily

“The Tarrasques or a Goblin. Opposite ends of the spectrum in power, but equal when it comes to killing players.” –Jon

“My favorite monsters are owlbears and Illithids- the latter mostly because of the incredible and hilarious Illithid NPCs we met in the game.  My favorite piece of ‘lore’ is actually the DM’s house rule- if you die, you eat your character sheet.  Thankfully, we haven’t seen that in action yet.” –Amy

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Any particularly memorable in-game moments?

“Between giant spiders with top hats named J. Spooderman, character resurrections resulting in centaurs, magical brooms named Broomba, and enemies made out of pasta, it’s truly hard to narrow down one memorable moment. Oh wait! I do have one….early on in our campaign we acquired a folding boat. One of our adventurers decided that unfolding it and sending it down a river (because it was obviously going to come back to us due to rivers being circular, right? RIGHT?) was a good idea. So hilarious!” –Alex

“There have been so many. My favorite by far was accidentally killing all of the clones of a hero NPC that we were supposed to find. I mean, hey, you see a guy stuck floating in a tube and you figure you might as well let him out! Unfortunately our DM did not see this coming and I mistakenly threw our entire adventure off the path… I did get to become a god though, that was super cool.” –Emily

“You have a Deck of Many Things, how many would you like to draw?  PC responded: 13.” –Jon

“There’s always highlights from every game, so it was hard to narrow it down.  One of my favorites was an encounter in a crypt where all of us players were asked to physically leave the game room except for our Tiefling Cleric player.  When we returned, the Cleric told us that the bad guy we’d been hunting was actually totally on the level and not trying to kill us, and that we should follow him deeper into the dungeon.  What resulted was a fight with vampires and bats with axes that nearly killed our Rogue.  Thanks, Barnabas!”- Amy

What is your favorite part of playing D&D at Sideshow?

“Laughing. The players in these groups are sharp. They dish out jokes and puns throughout a session.” –Jon

“Digressions and meandering side stories as a result of our lovely historian’s recaps at the beginning of each game.” –Kat

“My favorite part of playing at Sideshow is less so the actual playing the game but all the connections that extend outside of the game. The breakroom is often filled with fun tales of the previous night’s game and it leads to a lot of highly entertaining conversations in the work place.” –Emily

“I’d have to say that getting the chance to interact with more coworkers outside of office hours is so special and fun.  A lot of us are all across different departments, and sometimes we don’t get the time during the day to catch up with one another.  I’m so grateful Sideshow provides us the space to hunker down for a few laugh-filled hours in the evenings, and I’m thankful we have a DM who is welcoming to players of all skill levels.” –Amy

“You get a group of interesting Sideshow peeps together to play a game that requires imagination, and some truly strange things happen. It’s the most fun I have with any of the groups I’ve played/play with.” –Jeff

“The camaraderie with my fellow co-workers/adventurers. There’s a lot of jabs at one another while playing (all in good fun of course) but it’s always entertaining, as well as challenging, and always adds up to time well spent! Plus so much laughter and fun!” –Alex

Anything else that you’d like to add?

“If anyone wants to play D&D but is too scared, the rules for 5th edition are the easiest D&D has ever been. Anyone could learn it.” –Jon

“I thoroughly encourage people to not only play D&D with their friends, but with their colleagues as well. You get to know each other on a more fun, casual level and there’s nothing better for building friendship than a good D&D campaign. Also, if you have a rough day you, just go burn down a village and that’ll usually make you feel better. What’s better than that?!” –Emily

“D&D continues to be one of the highlights every month with lovely people!” –Alex

Big thanks to the intrepid rangers, rogues, bards, and barbarians who shared their D&D experiences with us this week!  Be sure to check out our last Week in Geek, where Sideshow’s Writers Group shared their plans for tackling NaNoWriMo.

How have you Let Your Geek Sideshow this week?  Let us know in the comments.