Sideshow’s Week in Geek: Our Reactions to the IT: Chapter 2 Teaser

We all float down here.

It may not have been 27 years yet, but last week, Pennywise returned to completely terrify fans in the exciting new teaser trailer for the highly-awaited Stephen King sequel IT: Chapter 2.

Check out the trailer here!

For this latest installment of Sideshow’s Week in Geek, we asked some of the resident horror fans in the office for their initial reactions to the freaky footage, their favorite Stephen King stories, and more…

Have you read the original IT novel?

“I’ve listened to a good chunk on audio tape, actually! Holy cow, some of the finer details, like past references, are just chilling. They make their own horror stories.” –Michelle

“Yes, all 20 pounds of it.” –Lauren

“Yes, I have! I personally love it more than the original movie, but when is the movie ever better than the book?” –Agali

“I have not, but hope to in the near future.” –Eric

“I haven’t, but maybe after the second movie I will.” –Amy

What did you think about the new Chapter 2 teaser?

“Exciting teaser! Film looks great. Had a great setup with the one lengthy scene through the majority of the teaser.” –Eric

“I’m a sucker for a slow-burn, even if it’s a trailer. Less is more, even though it did end with a bang, it left plenty to be excited for.” –Michelle

“So creepy! I’m ready for Pennywise to return, and I can’t wait for even more freaky scares as the adult Losers get tormented.” –Amy

“I thought it was the right amount of creepy, and a pretty good twist with the old lady starting off her story. Cannot wait for the movie!” –Agali

“Love it! I enjoyed the first movie but it didn’t feel like I was watching a horror film. I’m excited to be scared this time around.” –Lauren

Are you a Stephen King fan? What is your favorite work of his?

“You better believe it! My favorite work is a collection of stories called Night Shift, which has some serious classics within. Movie adaptation-wise, I think Maximum Overdrive (which adapts the story “Trucks” featured in Night Shift) is so darn entertaining! Sorry, not sorry.” –Michelle

“I am! It is hard to just pick one favorite since all his work is amazing, but I think both book and movie have to be IT. They are what got me started and made me fall in love with his work.” –Agali

“I love the Christine and Dead Zone novels. They both had quality film adaptations as well. I also have a soft spot for Maximum Overdrive. This is the only feature film Stephen King directed. It’s a ton of fun!” –Eric

Who is your favorite member of the Losers Club?

“Bill – Love his optimism.” –Eric

“Richie! The movie was certainly terrifying, but he had me cracking up most of the movie.” –Agali

“I have a soft spot for Ben since he’s such a sweetheart, and smart to boot.  But I think my overall favorite is Richie- he was too funny! Needed that levity in the midst of the terrifying story.” –Amy

“I love Stan. 🙁 Ugh, my heart!!! The saddest characters are the ones that are hopelessly human.” –Michelle

Are you afraid of clowns?

“I’d like to say “not really”, but that may change if I’m ever getting chased by one.” –Michelle

“When I was kid I was terrified. Kids are very intuitive and aware of someone’s true nature. I always saw right past the paint.” –Lauren

“YES. IT was actually the reason for my fear of clowns when I was younger. Once I got a little older and decided to re-watch it, I laughed at myself for being scared of a giant spider.  LOL.” –Agali

“Isn’t everybody?” –Eric

Anything else you’d like to share?

“Genuinely looking forward to It Chapter 2. The first film really delivered; it was effective, frightening, had great performances from a young cast, and it really felt like the type of film that could only exist in the 1980’s. Couldn’t be more excited for the concluding chapter!” –Eric

“If Richie doesn’t have the same sense of humor when he’s older in the movie, I am going to start flipping seats in the theatre. I want Pennywise to make me cry from fear, but want Richie to make me cry from laughing. Here’s to hoping!” –Agali

“I am hoping for some serious scares. Give me nightmare fuel and I’ll never go hungry again.” –Michelle

Big thanks to Sideshow’s horror fans for sharing their thoughts with us! Be sure to check out our last Week in Geek, where our Avengers fans assembled for their pre-movie Avengers: Endgame excitement.

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