Snap Up a Giant New Thanos Collectible with The Mad Titan Infinity-Sized Designer Toy by Joe DellaGatta

This Thanos will cast a titan-sized shadow over your collection! Measuring over 12″ tall, the Mad Titan (Infinity-Sized) Gloss Black Edition and Gloss White Edition Designer Toys by artist Joe DellaGatta captures the true menace of Marvel’s brooding big baddie.*

Artist Statement: The idea behind the Thanos statue was pretty straightforward: Big, ape-like, and exaggerated. Our project had a very short deadline, and it was all accomplished through great communication, and timely input. After a few rough sketches, [Unruly Project Manager] Erik and I were able to hone in on the design. One thing that stands out, in my mind, was Erik saying, “Make the lower jaw BIGGER.” Next pass: “Bigger.” Again: “Bigger!” Ha! He was totally right, though. And it was fun to push the proportions.

Pre-orders for both the Gloss White and Gloss Black editions of The Mad Titan (Infinity-Sized) are currently live, and each figure is priced at $300 USD. Each colorway is limited to an edition size of 125 pieces.

(*Figures sold separately.)