Sideshow fans weigh in on the clash of the ‘World’s Greatest Super Heroes’ debate – Superman vs. Batman: who would win?

It’s one of the longest standing and most heated fan debates of all time: who would win in an no-holds-barred brawl between two of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, Batman and Superman? With Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice coming in 2016, we have a little over a year to wait for the definitive answer, so we took to Facebook to see what our fans had to say now! Just as expected there were some really compelling arguments from both sides…

Sound Off

“Superman vs. Batman: who would win?”

David M. Superman would not even have to be in the same area and win. How could a human with a bunch of gadgets beat the Last Son of Krypton in anything? Superman all day.

Dunny R. Bruce Wayne is smarter than Clark Kent. He knows Clark’s next move. So Batman would obviously win.

Daniel J. Superman with ease! Fight would be over before Bats even knew it begun.

Ben G. The only thing that could save Bats in this fight is a Kryptonite ring.

Gary L. I don’t know at what distance Kryptonite starts making Superman weak, but it seems to me that a Superman could just throw something like, I don’t know, a skyscraper at Batman and take him out in a blink. This argument to me is like an 18 wheeler vs a little girl on a bike.

Kevin P. Well, if you go off of Frank Miller’s Return of the Dark Knight, Batman.

Arthur B. Superman! He’s practically invincible.

Aaron F. Batman has a back-up plan against all the Justice League. He’s probably more prepared against them then he is against his own rogues gallery. He knows them all on a personal level and on a biological level. Kryptonite is all Batman needs to take care of Supes. Plus Superman’s powers depend on the sun, so Batman would no doubt use that to his advantage. Superman holds back a lot, which he would do even more so against Batman. Whereas Batman can essentially let loose against Superman because he could take it. In the end though there would be no winner since neither would kill the other. It would just be a very quick awesome fight.

Robbie P. Superman would win. He’s an alien with superpowers and Batman is merely a rich man with gadgets.

Sean K. Batman. Why? Because he’s Batman.

Jose L. There’s no doubt at all… Superman is Man of Steel. Batman only can win if he uses his intelligence and a huge amount of Kryptonite… But at the end, both are heroes, why should they fight against each other?

Jason B. We get to watch it, we win!

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