Speak Like a Soul of the Underworld with #WispwordWednesday

Welcome, broobs, to your first lesson.  You are about to embark on a series of studies in order to make your mourner minds less gringy when it comes to wispwords.  You may grow skugged, you may become untethered, but by the end we shall be dear horrors and allies to the end.  Are you ready?

What better time than Spooktacular for the Court of the Dead to kick off #WispwordWednesday, where you will learn the language of Illverness to use in your own daily discussions.  Join a humble Librovost, or librarian, as they take you through the tomes and teach you how to speak like a true soul of the Underworld.

Court of the Dead on social media kicks off #WispwordWednesday with this respectful address of the Alltaker himself, Death.

A wispword is a piece of Underworld slang which adds character and intrigue to interactions between mourners- wispwords can describe people, places, emotions, and states of existence, for a start.  Then you, brave soul, are challenged to incorporate your new knowledge in a conversation in the comments and in your daily life, if you so choose.

Learn a new wispword each week and in no time you shall speak like a well-lived soul.  Follow Court of the Dead on Facebook and Instagram for more, and be sure to use the hashtag #WispWordWednesday when you join in.

Join us all week long for Spooktacular fun, and be sure to read our Survival Guide.  Stay tuned to our social media and the blog to keep up on all the action!