Spooky Scary Disney Collectibles for Your Haunted Mansion

It’s officially Spooky Season. Not only that, but Halloween is so close, we can practically taste all that trick-or-treating candy already. If you’re somebody who prefers to decorate only starting in October, though, then it’s time to roll up those tattered ballgown sleeves and get to work. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a curated list of Disney collectibles to add some magic to the Halloween decorating mayhem.

So sprinkle some pixie dust on those cobwebs, don your spookiest Mickey Mouse ears, and check out the Disney items down below that are absolutely perfect for your personal Haunted Mansion.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Deck

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Deck and Guidebook by Insight Editions doubles as displayable art and a fall festivity. Spread the cards upon a coffee table for an artistic flair. Then, give informative tours and readings to all your guests — or read for yourself whenever the whim strikes! Beginner tarot users will also be able to admire the gorgeous Nightmare Before Christmas art while learning how to sort through the major and minor arcana.

Beware of Hitchhikers Figurine

We know, we know. As the famed ride proclaims, we’re telling you to beware of hitchhiking ghosts. But we’re also telling you to absolutely pick this terrifying trio up. The Beware of Hitchhikers Figurine by Enesco LLC honors a classic Disney ride beloved by millions. It’s just the right combination of spooky and silly! This figurine will fit on a shelf, entertainment stand, or in a little shrine dedicated to your Disney days. No matter where you put them, like their expressions indicate, these ghosts will just be happy to be along for the ride!

Sorcerer Mickey Tiki Mug

Sip your pumpkin spice cider in magical style! The Sorcerer Mickey (Fortune Variant) Tiki Mug by Mondo is so pretty you’ll want to keep it on the counter, not hidden in a broom closet. That way you can constantly infuse every beverage with this character’s smile and spells. Plus, this jade-green Fortune Variant holds approximately 22 ounces, which should be plenty of room to flood your own chamber.

Snow White Figurine

At first glance, the Snow White Apple Scene Figurine by Enesco LLC seems sweet and innocent. But look closely and you’ll notice sinister elements lurking in the shadows. Thus this figure perfectly captures the Disney film’s mix of happiness and horror. Add it to your Disney display any time of the year, but especially during Halloween — maybe next to the caramel candy apple tray!

Haunted Mansion Salt and Pepper Set

Your dining room needs a Halloween makeover, too! The Disney Haunted Mansion Salt and Pepper Set by Enesco LLC will add a dash of color and encourage curiosity as your guests ponder the identity of the characters within their portraits. Based on art and stories from the Disney attraction, this kitchenware is a fun way to bring your fandom into your practical life.

Jack Skellington Plush

Who said creepy collectibles can’t be cuddly? The Jack Skellington Zippermouth Premium Plush by Quantum Mechanix will bring childhood nostalgia to your living room or bedroom. Lounging against the pillows, the Pumpkin King is ready for a squeeze whenever you need comfort. But while you’re away from home, make sure Jack’s not lonely by pairing him up with the Sally Zippermouth.

Hocus Pocus Binx Bag

Now this is one versatile decoration! The Hocus Pocus Binx Holding Candle Crossbody Bag by Loungefly can transition from your day bag to your costume piece to a side table centerpiece! This little kitty will keep you company as he hangs off your arm, then carefully watch over you as you prep your midnight spells. You can also keep all your feather quills, herbs, chalk, and wax candles inside this spacious bag when they aren’t in use. If you’re a black cat lover, Binx belongs in your home!

Oogie Boogie Figurine

The Gambling Ghoul takes center stage in this Oogie Boogie Figurine by Enesco LLC. Embellished with Jim Shore’s signature art style, this bug-filled burlap sack of a villain will surely frighten and delight all passersby. Put him in a prominent place so he can get all the attention he deserves!

Will you be decorating with any of these Disney collectibles this Halloween season? Share your decor with other fans in our Atomic Misfits Facebook Group, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!