A Galaxy of Fun: Star Wars Action Figures

If you’re a Star Wars™ fan, you’re also probably a fan of Star Wars collectibles. From kids who collected Kenner to adults who collect Hot Toys’ Star Wars sixth scales, there are a range of products out there to keep your love for a galaxy far, far away going. Plus, we have something special for Star Wars collectors who miss their intergalactic playtime.

Below, browse a selection of poseable Star Wars action figures by Beast Kingdom that are sure to evoke nostalgia. From The Mandalorian™ and Grogu™ to Darth Vader™, these figures are guaranteed to bring you back to a galaxy of play!

Jango Fett Action Figure

Renewing our love for all things Star Wars prequels is the Jango Fett™ Action Figure! Stylish and sleek in his shiny silver and blue armor, this bounty hunter means business no matter what size he is. Recreate your favorite action shots from Attack of the Clones™ to bring this Jango Fett figure to life.

Boba Fett Action Figure

The Boba Fett™ Action Figure is a merciless 6″ sharpshooter! Clad in his classic armor, the Boba Fett figure even comes with a little bonus Han Solo™ in carbonite™ to help fans recreate an iconic Empire Strikes Back™ scene. Fit for a desk, a shelf, or an entertainment stand, this Star Wars action figure set is not to be missed.

Dewback and Sandtrooper Action Figure

Dew or dew not pick up this Dewback™ and Sandtrooper™ Action Figure — there is no try! There’s no denying that they are the cutest pair on Tatooine™. Now you can make them the cutest pair of Star Wars action figures in your home, too.

The Mandalorian Action Figure

Speaking of delightful duos! The Mandalorian Action Figure is, of course, accompanied by the Child. Kitted out with accessories, weapons, and the most adorable asset, this Din Djarin™ figure is as precious as beskar™.

Darth Vader Action Figure (Glow in the Dark Version)

The glow in the dark Darth Vader Action Figure has three pairs of replaceable hands and a wired cape. Updated, and certainly not to be outdone, the Sith Lord™ can be seen fulfilling his galaxy-dominating dreams even as a Force ghost. Display him under a constellation of glow in the dark star stickers to watch your childhood nostalgia return instantly.

Death Trooper Action Figure

Rebels, beware! Sporting a special light-up function and obsidian armor, the Death Trooper™ Action Figure is menacing even at this tiny scale. It truly puts the “attack” in “Egg Attack!”

Darth Maul Action Figure

It’s adorable just how angry this Darth Maul™ Action Figure is! Wielding his signature red lightsaber, the Sith apprentice brings back memories of the vast deserts where we see Darth Maul tracking his Jedi™ prey. Relive the moment Darth Maul flipped onto screens and wowed his way into our hearts when you snag this figure.

Darth Vader Action Figure

Like the glow in the dark version before him, this Darth Vader Action Figure has a hand raised high as he manipulates the Force for his evil deeds. If you always let the bad guys win in your action figure battles, this little guy is a must-have.

Stormtrooper Action Figure

This Stormtrooper™ Action Figure might miss his target, but he’ll never miss a chance to join your shelf! Fully equipped with weapons accessories, he can accompany your other Star Wars villains for an ultimate tribute to the Empire.

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