‘Chewie, we’re home!’ – Star Wars Celebration Recap!

The Sideshow team had a blast this year at Star Wars Celebration, both in Anaheim and online! We showed a lot of new Star Wars figures and collectible items!  We rounded up some good times had around the Sideshow booth, and a few of our favorite moments from a galaxy not so far away:

Our hearts swelled when the new Force Awakens trailer debuted (can it be December yet?!) Watch Susan’s reaction live from the floor…

We were most impressed to see the community looking out for the safety of fans and cosplayers…

The Force was strong in this incredible lightsaber demonstration!

Lord Vader himself paid a visit to our booth, where he did a little spring cleaning and then awarded prizes to fans brave enough to perform their best impression of him!

IMG_4650 copy
IMG_4651 copy

We were proud to unveil our R2-ME2 Exhibit, and chat about these amazing artist projects at the Mos Eisley cantina.


We got to give away some awesome prizes!

Most of all, we had a blast hanging out with our favorite people – Sideshow and Star Wars fans! It was a Celebration that will be long remembered!