Grogu Art Prints for Star Wars: The Mandalorian Fans

Since The Child’s introduction in The Mandalorian™ season 1, Star Wars™ fans haven’t been able to get enough of the galaxy’s most adorable asset. Most likely, Grogu™ adorns your apparel, accessories, and even your kitchenware! But did you know there are even more ways to see the baby in your home?

We’ve curated a list of Mandalorian art prints featuring Grogu and his allies. Browse below to find your next Star Wars art gallery addition!


Thomas Kinkade Studios & Monte Moore


Presented by Thomas Kinkade Studios and Monte Moore, the Connection Fine Art Print illustrates a crucial moment in The Mandalorian season 2. Here Din Djarin™ has finally reunited Grogu with his own kind — a Force wielder, and none other than the daring Ahsoka Tano™. Pair this print with a wide array of Mandalorian collectibles to bring such a significant scene to life.

The Child

Olivia De Berardinis

In The Child Fine Art Print, artist Olivia De Berardinis recreates the instant we all fell in love with Grogu. With his huge eyes and fuzzy ears, Grogu looks real enough to touch here. And while we don’t recommend putting your fingers on your art, we do recommend you get your hands on this piece ASAP!

Two for the Road

Thomas Kinkade Studios & Monte Moore

Ready to fly? The Two for the Road Fine Art Print by Thomas Kinkade Studios & Monte Moore depicts our favorite father and son duo as they traverse the galaxy. Settled comfortably in The Mandalorian’s ship, the Razor Crest™, Grogu shows off his beloved toy to an endeared Din Djarin. Get this print for your kid’s room, or as a gift for a doting parent.


Tricia Buchanan-Benson

Grogu’s obsession with the Razor Crest’s control knob melted all our hearts onscreen. Now you can keep this heartwarming feeling with you at all times when you look at your wall! The Gimmie Fine Art Print by Tricia Buchanan-Benson features a close up of The Child as he’s held in Din Djarin’s caring and gentle hands. Never before has an art print made us squeal with such delight.

Getting Schooled

Thomas Kinkade Studios & Monte Moore

It’s like a game of “I spy”! Can you locate the asset? The Getting Schooled Fine Art Print by Thomas Kinkade Studios & Monte Moore places Grogu in a classroom setting. From the doorway, Din Djarin watches his mischievous Child snack on a new tasty treat. This Star Wars print is fun for the whole family, and perfect for Mandalorian fans who want to celebrate this Clan of Two.

The Choice

Kayla Woodside

The Choice Fine Art Lithograph by Kayla Woodside depicts the fateful Mandalorian season 2 finale. Grogu is asked to choose between walking the Jedi™ path with Luke Skywalker™, or the Mandalorian Way with his adoptive father Din Djarin. Woodside perfectly captures the emotional moment when Grogu decides to bid the Mandalorian farewell. For fans of the series, this lithograph is a heartwrenching must-have.

The Mandalorian: Turning Point

Thomas Kinkade Studios & Monte Moore

In The Mandalorian pilot episode, Din Djarin must choose to complete his assignment or protect the Child from IG-11™. Of course, Din Djarin picks the latter. Because like us, the mercenary is immediately enthralled by the charming and cooing Grogu as he sits snugly inside his floating pram. Keep this memory in your heart always when you put this print on your wall.

Din Djarin & Grogu: A Clan of Two

Jerry Vanderstelt

Jerry Vanderstelt & ACME Archives’ Din Djarin & Grogu: A Clan of Two Fine Art Print evokes the adventurous spirit of the Disney+ series. From atop a rocky outcropping, Din Djarin and The Child look to the desert planet below — The Mandalorian trepidatious, the Child curious. Behind this perfect pair, the binary sunset adds a warm glow to the entire scene. Add this stunning piece to your collection today!

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