Step inside the Ultimate Collector’s Secret Base

Somewhere out there, legend tells of an incredible compound which houses the ultimate private collection – but like all the identities of all our biggest heroes, the name and location remains a secret.

Fortunately for us, the folks at Lil’ Monsters store in Malaysia were recently invited on a tour of the inner sanctum of this mecca to take and share pictures with the world.

First, let’s start outside. The sheer size of this place with its clean, modern architecture already have us dying of envy.

Moving inside, large open-loft industrial living spaces are the perfect backdrop for these amazing displays.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a home theater.

From Star Wars and science fiction, to Marvel and DC, to video games and beyond, every display is carefully curated by size and theme.

So what do you think, can we all sleep a little more soundly now knowing a place like this exists?

Check out more pictures here.