Steppenwolf’s Powers, Abilities, and Weapons in DC Comics

In 2017, the world was reintroduced to a rather obscure villain named Steppenwolf. He hadn’t made any massive splash in DC Comics, but he was about to be the villain of the Justice League film. Fans were certain that this film would lead to the threat of Darkseid, one of Superman’s most formidable foes. But first, the heroes would have to face Darkseid’s greatest general.

Let’s get to know one of the most dangerous generals of all time: Steppenwolf.


Steppenwolf was created by Jack Kirby along with all of the New Gods. Like all of the New Gods, he is immortal. He does not age past his prime, nor does he fall prey to any illnesses or diseases. The New Gods are far beyond the things that concern more “primitive” species like humans. He is indefinitely in peak physical form so that no matter how time changes the universe, Steppenwolf remains powerful, agile, and sharp.

Nigh Invulnerability

Even face to face against the full might of one of the universe’s most powerful weapons, Steppenwolf was unphased. In the comics, he dispatched a Green Lantern with the utmost ease. A Power Ring can do nearly anything, yet it couldn’t stop Steppenwolf. He was blasted with power lightning, bombarded with missiles, and it had little to no effect on him whatsoever. Even Wonder Woman’s bracelets simply pushed him back — a disturbance at best.

Super Strength

As a New God, Steppenwolf is innately strong. His strength even surpasses most DC heroes. In the New 52, Steppenwolf was sent by Darkseid to conquer Earth-2. It might have been the first time that fans got to see his true strength.

Steppenwolf was able to defeat both Superman and Wonder Woman. If it weren’t for Batman’s clever tactics, Steppenwolf would have succeeded. Batman had to give his own life just to stop his attack. Even then, Batman couldn’t kill him, he simply sent the Parademons back to Apokolips.

Advanced Strategist

Steppenwolf played an integral part in the plans of the villain Darkseid. After all, as ruler of the planet Apokolips, Darkseid’s goal was to destroy the utopian society of New Genesis. In his first introduction in the comics, Steppenwolf was entrusted with a terrible mission: start a war with the New Gods.

In order to do so, Steppenwolf devised a plan to killed Avia, the Highfather’s wife. As Queen of New Genesis, there’s no sufficient metric for powerful she was. We only know that Steppenwolf must have been even more powerful and clever enough to defeat her.

Command and Create Parademons

When Wonder Woman tells Cyborg, The Flash, and Batman about Steppenwolf, she reveals perhaps his greatest ability. He commands the Parademons, the undead soldiers of Apokolips. Moreover, all of the soldiers that he killed in his war against the Earth also become Parademons. His ability to conquer planets comes from his ability to command and create his own army in a matter of mere minutes.


With his Electro-Axe in hand, Steppenwolf was able to defeat legions of soldiers and nearly all of the Amazonians on Themyscira. No matter how trained or powerful, all it took was one powerful swing and they crumbled before him. Each swing of his axe singes and burns his enemies. On top of his super strength, his axe grants him even more power. It was only when Superman destroyed the Electro-Axe that Steppenwolf could finally be defeated.

Outside of the comics, Steppenwolf might once have been considered an unknown villain. However, his immense power has landed him a spot as one of the Justice League’s most formidable adversaries.

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