The Mandalorian Art Collection for Star Wars Fans

Wherever he goes, we go.

Fans have been eagerly following the galaxy-spanning adventure of Din Djarin™ and Grogu™, also known as the Mandalorian™ and the Child, across multiple seasons of the hit Star Wars streaming series. As the clan of two are poised to return for a third season, now is a fantastic time for fans to walk the Way of the Mandalore™ and revisit some of the best moments from the show. From concept art to original illustration, this imaginative world has been captured for collectors to enjoy in their home displays.

Sideshow Art Prints features a collection of The Mandalorian™ art spotlighting our helmeted hero and his favorite foundling. Fans can find limited edition, museum-quality giclée prints and lithographs for any Star Wars wall art collection. Each image is officially licensed and illustrated with care by renowned artists to create a window into the world of the series. Check out just some of the beautiful bounties you can find below!

Din Djarin & Grogu: A Clan of Two

Artist: Jerry Vanderstelt

Celebrated fantasy artist Jerry Vanderstelt turns his talents to the stars of our tale with the Din Djarin and Grogu: A Clan of Two Fine Art Print. As the Mandalorian takes the Child to be with the Jedi™, the two share a moment of adventure and potential. A binary sunset colors the skies above, while the Razor Crest™ waits in the distance.

Limited to an edition of only 650 pieces, this detailed portrait is inspired by Sideshow’s own The Mandalorian and The Child Premium Format™ Figure, sold separately.

Raider Ambush

Artist: Jeremy Saliba

Inspired by the episode “Chapter 4: Sanctuary,” the Raider Ambush art print shows the Mandalorian teamed up with former Rebel shocktrooper Cara Dune™ in combat. Together, they fend off raiders ambushing a farming village on the planet Sorgan™ (home to Grogu’s favorite froggy snack). This Mandalorian artwork by Jeremy Saliba uses cool tones and heightened red highlights from the AT-ST™ and Din’s flamethrower to emphasize the intensity of the raging, swampy battle.

Raider Ambush is limited to an edition of only 395 pieces, comes with a certificate of authenticity, and has full bleed printing that extends the detail to every edge of the print.

The Choice

Artist: Kayla Woodside

The Choice is an emotional composition inspired by “Chapter 16: The Rescue.” It features fan-favorite heroes Luke Skywalker™ and R2-D2™ as Din Djarin completes his mission to return Grogu to the Jedi. Kayla Woodside also juxtaposes this exciting arrival with the emotional reveal of the Mandalorian’s face, as he removes his helmet to bid farewell to the foundling. The lighting of the spaceship interior contrasts with the dark tones of the touching goodbye between the clan of two, making this a lovely addition to any fan’s Mandalorian art collection.

The Choice Lithograph is limited to a hand-numbered edition of only 295 pieces ever printed, and each purchase includes a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s nearly sold out, so fans need to act fast to secure this Star Wars print!


Artist: Doug Chiang and John J. Park

Revisit the earliest days of Din Djarin’s bounty hunting career with the Searching Giclée by artists Doug Chiang and John J. Park. Long before the beskar™ adornments on his armor, the Mandalorian was a simple man tracking his targets across the galaxy. This detailed scene features the bounty hunter approaching a trio of Jawas™ in a local settlement, on the search for his latest assignment from the Guild.

For Mandalorian fans, the Searching Giclée is limited to an edition of only 125 pieces, each with a Certificate of Authenticity — better bag the bounty quickly before it’s gone!


Artist: Tricia Buchanan-Benson

So cute, it’ll have you saying, “Gimmie!” This Grogu-focused portrait by Tricia Buchanan-Benson perfectly captures the young alien’s penchant for grabbing onto all manner of things he shouldn’t. Of course, the shift knob from the Razor Crest is shiny and irresistible as it glitters and gleams, reflecting in Grogu’s eyes. Bright colors and an adorable expression make this a must-have for fans.

The Grogu Gimmie art print is limited to an edition size of only 150 pieces and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Bring it home with a wave of your hand (and a little bit of the Force).

The Mandalorian: Turning Point

Artist: Thomas Kinkade Studios, Monte Moore

Beautifully saturated with purples, pinks, and oranges, The Mandalorian: The Turning Point is a vivid and imaginative look at the fateful moment Din Djarin first discovered his bounty. It signifies the change in his life’s path, highlighting him in the dull tones of his armor as the world around him becomes something new and strange. Instead of death, he chooses life — and hope in the future.

This unique encapsulation of the Mandalorian’s most pivotal decision is limited to an edition of only 95 pieces. An individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity is matched to the print, making this a wonderful collector’s item from the celebrated Thomas Kinkade Studios.

The Child: Grogu

Artist: Olivia De Berardinis

Rediscover the moment you met the Child for the first time with this incredible portrait of Grogu by renowned pin-up artist Olivia De Berardinis. From the Mandalorian’s perspective, this fine art print looks in on the hover pram, capturing the alien’s innocence and curiosity. Grogu is swaddled in a blanket and his soft overcoat and his portrait is softly illuminated, highlighting every wispy fiber of hair on the top of his adorable head.

This print is limited to an edition of 1,000 pieces and each is hand-signed by Olivia. Coupled with a Certificate of Authenticity, this is the ultimate bounty for Mandalorian artwork collectors!

If you’re looking for these and other awesome Star Wars art prints, let us show you the Way! You can find all your favorite Mandalorians, Jedi, Sith™, and Rebels through Sideshow Art Prints. Then, get ready for the return of this dynamic galactic duo when The Mandalorian season 3 premieres on Disney+ on March 1.

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