Team Sideshow Sees Wonder Woman

Last Friday, Team Sideshow went to experience DC‘s Wonder Woman in theaters together. Of the experience, one employee had this to say:

“Sideshow’s movie days are something to behold. I really believe that no nerd loves quite as hard as a Sideshow nerd. There’s no closer scrutiny than the artist who has carefully and lovingly sculpted Wonder Woman’s face for a statue, or the artist who has painstakingly painted and weathered her battle-worn armor.

Our team dedicate their lives to these characters, they hungrily absorb every millisecond of reference material. They live and breathe these stories, and they obsess about every little detail of every single scene. They are a movie’s harshest critics, but they also have the capacity to love something on a whole new level.

This movie was deeply personal to so many of our team, and the atmosphere in that theater was electric. Sharing that experience with my co-workers was my favorite thing about the movie.”


We asked Sideshow staff to share their experiences seeing Wonder Woman in theaters and their thoughts about the film, and we didn’t even have to break out the Lasso of Truth!

“It was really inspiring to see a hero who didn’t let herself become jaded or resentful of helping others through hardship. Wonder Woman reminded me that you can be kind and use that kindness as power to protect those in need. Also, the action sequences with the Amazons and Wonder Woman in the war were so exhilarating to watch. Very empowering!” -Amy

“This movie was a fantastic addition to the DC movie-verse! Gal Gadot really is Wonder Woman!” -Alex

“I loved watching Diana speak her mind and do what she deemed right, regardless of what everyone else said. Like those moments when everyone was telling her, “You can’t be in this room,” and she was like, “Who says?”. She proved that it does not matter what those who would hold you back and oppose you would say. You have to do what you know in your soul is correct.” -Susan

“That lasso! Man, I’ve gotta get one of those. She was so cool when she was slinging it around. Of course, I’d just get myself tangled in it.” -Remy

“I can’t even begin to articulate how much I loved this film. It means so much to me to see Wonder Woman on the screen, being powerful and smart and caring. I can’t wait to go see it again with some of my little cousins! I think everyone is going to go as Diana for Halloween.” -Kitty

“The character development was refreshing and allowed you to take the journey with her. At the movie’s end, I wanted my own set of Wonder Woman bracelets.” -Robin

“Both 12 year old me and 32 year old me want to be Wonder Woman when we grow up.” -Gracie

We had such an amazing time seeing Wonder Woman‘s big moment as a community, and are so excited to see what’s next for her in the DC universe.

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