The Best Batman Beyond Villains

Batman Beyond took fans back into Gotham City, but with a view far into the future. It was a future where slang and technology had changed, but the people really hadn’t!

Villains were still villains in Neo-Gotham and Bruce Wayne was still trying to protect the city however he could. But he passed the mantle of Batman on to Terry McGinnis, who was the only one brave enough to save Gotham City.

And while Batman faced off against the legendary likes of The Joker, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, and more, Batman Beyond had his own incredible Rogues Gallery. Let’s meet the best of them.


Carter Wilson wasn’t your average high school student. He was the best. He was the most intelligent, the most athletic, the most popular, the most adored. He was even the class president!

While everyone at school adored him, his own mother always told him that he wasn’t good enough. And at some point, he just couldn’t take it anymore. All the pressure from his family and from his life built up, and he (figuratively) blew a gasket and became Terminal.

Terminal is a leader of a gang of Jokerz, and despite having no powers (like The Joker), he was the most intelligent of them all. He was able to reprogram robots to his needs, and often had unique devices that made things very difficult for Batman.


Curaré does not have a real name or a real face. Not that anyone remembers or has seen, at least. She is one thing above all else: deadly. She was trained by the Society of Assassins, and just like the League of Assassins, failure was not an option. If there was a job to do it had to be done.

It’s unclear exactly why her skin in blue, because it doesn’t appear to be paint. However, there is a poisonous plant called curare. One sign of curare poisoning is blue skin.

Perhaps the only history that we could ever know about her is that she chose the name of something just as deadly as herself.


Stalker was once an African game hunter. He was wanted internationally on three different continents for poaching. His days may have been numbers when a black panther mauled him and broke his spine, but somehow, he escaped and was able to afford a surgery like none ever before. His new enhanced spine increased his strength and reflexes, making him an even greater hunter than ever before.

When he heard of Batman, he thought he had finally found the perfect hunting challenge. He wreaked havoc throughout Gotham City just for a chance to hunt Batman, using technology and intelligence to learn Batman’s true identity and compromise the safety of his brother.

But when it came down to it, Stalker’s technology is both a strength and a weakness. All it takes to defeat him is enough of an electric current to short circuit his spine.

Mr. Fixx

Mr. Fixx wasn’t that clever of a bad guy. He was hardly a bad guy at all! He was a thug and henchman that worked for Derek Powers. But what he lacked in brains he made up for in brawn. He was strong and could even throw Batman around despite all of Batman Beyond‘s tech.

Mr. Fixx pushes his luck and eventually challenges Terry himself. He says, “You’re pretty strong for some clown who thinks he’s Batman,” which proves to be the final straw. Batman gives him one good punch that sends him sailing, and that’s the last we ever see of him.

Mad Stan

Stanley Labowski had one solution to every problem: blow it up. Is the system broken? Blow it up. Are people corrupt? Blow it up. Is technology too powerful? Is the world too dangerous? Blow it up. Everything was simple as that to him, and his rage knew no bounds.

This simple mentality was his driving force, and while it made him dangerous, it didn’t mean he was difficult. His temper tended to leave him too flustered to think through all of his actions, and Batman was simply much more clever. So once everyone was safe from his explosives, he was pretty easy for Terry McGinnis to handle.

Royal Flush Gang

The Royal Flush Gang gets new members constantly, but whatever the case, there is always a King, a Queen, a Jack, an Ace, and a Ten. Each version has posed a threat to Batman, whether it was Bruce Wayne or Terry McGinnis.

First, there was The Joker’s Royal Flush Gang. Each one of them was a meta-human. King could shoot plasma bolts. Queen could control metal. Jack was super-elastic. Ace had mind-bending powers that could drive people insane. Ten had superhuman strength. They fought the Justice League as many times as The Joker told them to.

The Walker Family’s Royal Flush Gang had weapons shaped like playing cards. And even though none of them had superpowers, they were all quite skilled and dangerous in combat and computers.


Walter Shreeve was a dedicated scientist and researcher. Utilizing unique sound waves, he was able to use sound in a variety of different ways. He had one generator that vibrated low and destructive frequencies. He had another that muted sound by sending opposing sound waves to cancel out noise. He had one that shot out pure destructive sound energy.

Shriek’s research was bought and paid for by the businessman Derek Powers. Powers funded his research and crime accordingly. When Powers told Shriek to kill Bruce Wayne, Shriek did his best, but Batman Beyond was there to save the day.


Ira Billings loved helping people — or at least, he used to love helping people. He was a psychologist working at Terry McGinnis’ high school. He understood people in a way that no one else could, but he felt like no one could understand him. He felt under-appreciated and underpaid. And so to make up for all of his lost time, he used his expertise to become a mind-controlling criminal.

Using subliminal messaging with a floating eyeball of sorts, he convinced people to bring him their riches and do his bidding. He was so clever that no matter how many times he got locked up, he could always get out of prison and get more people to do his bidding.


Derek Powers was one of the most corrupt and sinister businessmen in all of Gotham, who fought for years to take over Wayne Enterprises. He intended to use Wayne Enterprise technology to create a toxic gas to sell to the highest bidder — no matter what they wanted to do with it.

But when he got exposed to the toxic gas, his doctors did whatever it took to save him. In this case, they put him under extremely powerful radiation that stopped the poison from affecting him. However, it forever corrupted his body, making him extremely radioactive. It was then he became Blight.

Derek Powers continued to try and manipulate Gotham City and remained a thorn in the side of both Batman and Batman Beyond. He hired mercenaries and villains with all sorts of different skills to do his bidding, all while trying to run the most corrupt company Gotham City had ever seen. He was the villain behind it all, with powers that would make any cower in fear.


Inque was one of Batman Beyond‘s most deadly enemies. She had the ability to change in form in any and every way. She could change her face to a featureless form. She could harden her body. She had super strength and she was able to stick to surfaces. She had telescopic vision. She could move around like fluid and become a puddle, because she actually was liquid.

Inque fights Batman Beyond more than nearly any other villain. She is strong enough to fight against him again and again, and she causes trouble for him constantly. She was even once hired to attack Bruce Wayne, and forced him to use Bat Armor to protect himself. Luckily, Batman Beyond was able to save him.

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