The Child Collectibles – Which One Is Right For You?

The Child has made his mark on Star Wars collectible fans everywhere. New and old, people are eager to get their hands on an absolutely adorable collectible version of The Mandalorian’s ward.

However, for some fans, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to picking the perfect version of The Child. Although bounty hunting may be a complicated business, we’re here to help you see what different The Child collectibles are available to you so that you can welcome him into your clan!

The Child Life-Size Figure, Sideshow

Lovingly referred to by audiences as ‘Baby Yoda’, the mysterious alien known as The Child has quickly become the breakout fan-favorite. The Child Life-Size Figure by Sideshow is a faithfully recreated figure that brings The Child to life right before your eyes.

Created in partnership with Legacy Effects, every lovable detail has been captured from the screen for your shelf, from the soft, oversized robes to the tufts of fuzz on the alien’s head. Such striking detail is worthy of any bounty hunter’s attention!

The Child Life-Size Figure by Sideshow is priced at $375, and is currently available for pre-order. This high-quality Mandalorian collectible is perfect for collectors who want a Life-Size version of The Child to stand in their home.

The Child Life-Size Figure, Hot Toys

The Child Life-Size Figure by Hot Toys offers something exciting for collectors who like a little bit more control over their display arrangements: a highly-articulated, posable version of everyone’s favorite asset. This figure has multiple points of articulation, allowing collectors to choose the pose they want, allowing you to interact with the character in a unique way.

The figure comes with three pairs of interchangeable arms with hands including one pair of relaxed hands, one pair of Force-using hands, and one pair of accessory holding hands so that it can hold a Mythosaur emblem necklace, a silver shift-knob from the Razor Crest, and much more.

The Child Life-Size Figure from Hot Toys is priced at $410, and is currently available for pre-order. Are you imagining all of the poses you could put The Child into? Make those dreams a reality with this incredible collectible from Hot Toys.

The Mandalorian and The Child 1:6 Scale Set, Hot Toys

Just like The Child Life-Size Figure by Hot Toys, The Mandalorian and The Child Sixth Scale Deluxe Collectible Set allows you to choose a pose and to tell a story in your display. In this Deluxe Set, The Child is sized accurately next to the sixth-scale Mandalorian, making him utterly adorable in small scale.

The Mandalorian and The Child Sixth Scale Deluxe Collectible Set offers an incredible amount of accessories, two of which are The Child in detailed poses. That’s correct, there is one figure of The Child in a standing posture, and a second of The Child in a sitting posture with a magnetic function to place it inside its hover pram.

This is the perfect set for any sixth scale collector who can’t get enough of this clan of two. Pre-order now to secure your bounty (and the bounty hunter). There is also a standard edition of The Mandalorian and The Child set that still includes one figure of The Child, but doesn’t come with the additional hover pram or Beskar accessories.

Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike Sixth Scale Figure, Hot Toys

And if you want to relive some of the greatest scenes from Season 1 of The Mandalorian and stage some intense drama, look no further than the Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike Sixth Scale Figure Collectible Set by Hot Toys. This sixth scale set makes room for The Child in and out of the Scout Trooper’s pouch.

The Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike Sixth Scale Figure Set comes with an entire Speeder Bike with articulated foot pedals, steering vanes, engine flaps, and a (non-functioning) cannon! You also get an incredible Scout Trooper with seven interchangeable gloved hands, over 30 points of articulation, pistols, and even a wasteland diorama.

And don’t forget the shoulder canvas bag that fits The Child, who is included in sixth scale! This version of The Child has the adorably excited open-mouth expression as he speeds through the terrain in the trooper’s bag (or under the protection of IG-11).

This Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike collectible set is available for pre-order now, and it will cost $455 for all of the incredibly detailed accessories and figures included.

The Child Fine Art Print by Olivia

Not all collectibles are figures! If you are looking to add to your walls instead of your shelves, why not take a painterly approach?

The Child Fine Art Print by ACME Archives is painted by acclaimed artist Olivia De Berardinis, known for her incredible work that is lifelike, stunningly detailed, and high quality. Olivia captures the innocence of the mysterious alien asset moments after it was first discovered by Din Djarin, the Mandalorian himself. With wide, wondering eyes and tiny grasping fingers, The Child pulls down the blanket within its hovering pram to gaze up at its new guardian, unknowingly forming an unshakeable clan of two.

Each print is a high-fidelity recreation of her original acrylic-on-wood painting, rendered as a fine art collectible that features a Certificate of Authenticity as well as the artist’s signature. The Child Unframed Edition is $150 USD and the Framed Editions (offered in Black and White custom frames with double mat design) are $325 USD, available for pre-order now.

The Child Fine Art Print by Olivia puts you eye to eye with one of the most beloved Star Wars characters of our time.

The Child Necklace, RockLove

The Child Necklace by RockLove is a brilliant way to brandish your love for the Force-using fan-favorite. The necklace captures The Child’s charming smile and curious, outstretched hand, eager to use the Force to protect its guardian. His eyes are a glossy hand-painted black enamel, and pendant hangs from an adjustable 24-inch sterling silver curb chain.

The Child Necklace keeps the precious little alien close to your heart at all times. It is solid sterling silver, costs $135, and is currently in-stock for those who just can’t get enough of The Child. This is suited to the type of collector who likes to wear their fandom as high-quality jewelry and accessories for all to see.

The Child (Force Pose) Tiki Mug, Beeline Creative

The Child (Force Pose) Geeki Tiki Mug by Beeline Creative perfectly suits the type of collector who wants something as functional as it is visually appealing! The ceramic mug is styled to look like traditional tiki carvings, featuring The Child with his eyes closed in concentration, ready to use the Force. This Geeki Tiki is also dishwasher and microwave safe, and holds up to 16 oz. of your favorite beverage- blue milk, anyone?

The Child (Force Pose) Tiki Mug costs on $19.99 and is currently available for pre-order. Drink deep from the Force with this cool collectible in your cabinet!

No matter which of these collectibles suits your style best, one thing we can all agree on is that The Child collectibles are a must-have addition to any Star Wars collection.

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