The Coolest Powers Rogue Has Absorbed

Anna Marie LeBeau is a mutant with the ability to absorb memories, powers, and skills, most commonly known as Rogue. She was raised by Mystique to be a force for evil, before eventually getting help from Dr. Charles Xavier. Over the years, she has sent shockwaves through the Marvel Universe with her interesting abilities and captivating stories. She’s gone from bad to good, and weak to unmeasurably powerful, all by borrowing the abilities of other Marvel heroes.

See if you can absorb all the information we have to offer, and we’ll tell you the coolest superpowers Rogue has ever absorbed!

Ms. Marvel- Flight, Super Strength, Super Speed, and More

Before Rogue met Ms. Marvel, her only power was to absorb energy and temporarily borrow powers through skin to skin contact. This could make humans pass out or even fall into vegetative states. Her life changed when she met Mystique at a very young age.

Mystique trained Rogue her entire life for one plan: defeat Ms. Marvel. “Do it for your Mama!” she insisted. And Rogue only wanted to please. So she held on tight when she came into contact with Carol Danvers, even though she knew it didn’t feel right. She held on so long that Ms. Marvel fell into a coma, and her consciousness completely left her body.

In fact, Rogue absorbed Ms. Marvel into her mind as an additional psyche, and permanently acquired all of her powers of flight, super strength, super speed, and more.

The Avengers- Empathic Link with Birds, Rage and Super Strength, Moon Knight’s Madness

In X-Men Legacy, Rogue and the X-Men went up against the Avengers. It seems like all hope is lost for the X-Men, because Iron Man, as always, has planned for every contingency. He uses his suit’s incredible assortment of abilities in order to disable nearly all the X-Men, save for Rogue.

Seeing her team getting taken down one by one makes her resort to full absorption, where she absorbs the powers and psyches of the people she touches. This knocks out the Avengers, and lets her fight one on one with Iron Man. She absorbs Falcon, and uses his ability to communicate with birds. Moon Knight, who already has multiple voices in his head, touches her to distract her. She gets overwhelmed by the different psyches fighting for her control.

It’s only She-Hulk’s power of sheer rage and strength that allows Rogue to power through the insanity of all the voices in her head, and keep her team safe.  The green was just a temporary side effect.

Captain America- Tactical Knowledge of Avengers Weaknesses

Mystique had grand plans for her new team, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Rogue played a key role in those plans. She would go and fight with Captain America, and upon defeating him, give him just one kiss.

Not only can Rogue absorb powers, she can absorb the memories and psyches of other people. When she kissed Captain America, she learned everything he knew about the Avengers. She learned their strengths and weaknesses, so that defeating them in the future would be a piece of cake.

Magneto- Magnetic Field Manipulation

While most people know about the complicated and stressful relationship between Rogue and Gambit, not everyone knows about her on-again off-again relationship with Magneto.

Rogue has stolen a kiss, and powers, from Magneto more than once. Even when he’s been a good guy, he just goes a bit too far sometimes. In order to hold him back, or keep people safe, she’s tried multiple times to siphon his energy. But there are few mutants as powerful as Magneto, and even a kiss from Rogue couldn’t phase him. He had more than enough power, and didn’t lose any strength at all.

Wolverine- Bone Claws, Regeneration

In one interesting storyline, after the House of M story, Rogue absorbed the powers of Wolverine. She used his mutation for one thing and one thing alone: revenge. She plummeted her newfound bone claws straight through the heart of Scarlet Witch.

Scarlet Witch caused the House of M event, which resulted in the death of Charles Xavier. Rogue was devastated. She believed that Scarlet Witch was too powerful, and needed to be taken down once and for all. This resulted in the death of many beloved X-Men. In fact, even Rogue died for a short period of time because of her rash behavior. However, using Wolverine’s healing factor, she returned to her usual self.

The X-Men- Bone Claws, Regeneration, Telekinesis, Flight, Metal Skin, Super Strength

In X-Men: Second Coming, Cable and Hope come from the future seeking Hope’s parents. Inexplicably, Rogue could sense Hope’s presence, even though she’s not telepathic. Even Emma Frost was baffled by this unique connection. Since they were connected, the team agreed that Rogue should be Hope’s protector.

Their travels would be dangerous, so the X-Men “loaned” Rogue their powers for the job. She had the bone claws and regenerative abilities of Wolverine and X-23. She had Psylocke’s telekinetic abilities. She had the wings and flight of Angel, and the metal skin and super strength of Colossus. She held all at once. And with their powers, she was able to hold her own against Bastion and his league of Sentinels.

Wonder Man- Ionic Energy, Invulnerability, and Agelessness

For a long time, Wonder Man was the only person immune to Rogue’s powers. He could not be absorbed, because he was not made of flesh and blood, but rather existed only as ionic energy in a human shell. Rogue has only ever been able to absorb living creature’s powers, and Wonder Man existed on the brink of life, since he didn’t have a regular body.

However, Rogue became more and more powerful over the years. Even Wonder Man changed slightly. Their individual powers changed just enough for her to completely absorb him and all of his ionic powers. She is now immeasurably strong, impossibly fast, and doesn’t age or get diseases. She’s invulnerable to nearly all damage. She has become so powerful that she cannot touch people without almost instant lethality.

But she’s still the Southern Belle that we know and love!

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