The Eater of the Dead: Cleopsis Emerges with New Production Photos

Sideshow is proud to share new production images of our Eater of the Dead: Cleopsis Premium Format Figure™ from our original Court of the Dead collection.

Humanity craves guidance, and will faithfully submit to anything it deems worthy of love… or of fear.”

Death sent his ambitious daughter, Cleopsis, to the Mortal Realm to understand more of humanity. She was adept at diplomacy and manipulation, and quickly rose in influence and power. But her mortal kingdom was denied her by the jealous angels of Heaven and Hell. They forced her father to bring her home, and strip her of all her power.

Cleopsis clutches a fearsome crescent-hooked reaper’s scythe in one hand, with a skeletal snake gracefully coiled about her other outstretched arm. She stands as the pinnacle of power and ambition, reaching out to reclaim her lost legacy. Her masked portrait presents Cleopsis’ alluring mortal face, but removing the mask reveals her gruesome Underworld visage.

Her pedestal bears the Underworld United signet, while glistening scarabs swarm up from the base, submitting themselves before Cleopsis’ bare feet. The Eater of the Dead stands over 24” tall, draped in regal banners bearing unique designs as symbols of her bygone empire of the Mortal Realm.

The Eater of the Dead is intricately detailed, from the elaborate shape of her fingernails to the layering of her specially textured fabric elements. This piece is exquisitely painted from her segmented headdress and armor to the sallow skin of her true self.

Honor the Eater of the Dead: Cleopsis with this Premium Format Figure™ that evokes the forgotten glory of her long-lost domain.  Add her to your collection today and bring the glory of the Court of the Dead into the Mortal Realm.