The #MercAtWork Takes Over while #DeadpoolDoesSideshow

Hey! It’s me, Deadpool! You might’ve seen me this week over on Sideshow’s Instagram. I decided to stretch my legs at Sideshow HQ to keep myself limber and in peak ‘Pool condition.

These offices are craaazy, and the best part is, I have the run of the place! I promised not to break anything- except the fourth wall- and they’re letting me take over the building!

I’ve gotta get myself a sweet ergonomic desk chair for my new executive office because I’m the #MercAtWork. #DeadpoolDoesSideshow is really gonna spice up the place, I just know it. Most of the mugs I’ve seen here just hold coffee, but a shot of my sexy Red Steel is just what the office needs to wake up in the mornings.

You’re welcome, Sideshow.

First order of business, MORE business!  They said that pushing buttons gets work done, so I pushed ALL the buttons.  All I had to do was lay on the keyboard.  I clocked out at 9am.  Most productive employee ever!

I need to send a quick memo to the staff.  Do you think 300 copies of my butt will be enough?  And a few scans of my face should make for a nice letterhead.  Ooh, ouch, that’s bright!

Hoo boy, I am going to draw SO many mustaches on statues.  I’ve always thought the Hulk could use a handlebar, to make him look suave.

Can you believe it?  They just have this sitting around!  I hear its owner is big, red, and handsome, so I just helped myself.  Maximum effort!

Apparently this guy’s movie just turned 40!  He doesn’t look a day over twenty-Sith.  He and I must have gotten hit with the same ugly stick underneath these masks, but I’ve gotta appreciate a guy who can also rock the red-and-black.


Took a day off to go visit Elhoffer Designs and this happened!  But now that I think about it, I have always been a chick magnet. Just look at this studly sixth scale body of mine! It drives el pollo loco! Chicken chimichangas, anyone?

And if things go my way, we’ll be getting some steamy Underworld action with the summer’s next big crossover. I want to meet that Queen, I hear she’s a real stunner.

That’s all for this week, but rest assured, mis amigos, there’s plenty more ‘Pool to be had.  I am the #MercAtWork after all.  Follow my adventures on Instagram @sideshowcollectibles.

If you want to get your hands on my handsome self, just click HERE.  And make it snappy!  I have to get back to business.  These Sides aren’t gonna show themselves, you know.