The Force is Strong with This One- The Darth Vader™ Legendary Scale™ Figure Approaches!

I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

Sideshow, in partnership with Legacy Effects, is excited to present the Darth Vader™ Legendary Scale™ Figure. This limited edition Star Wars collectible statue commands attention as the imposing Sith Lord shows you the true power of the Dark Side.

Standing at over 46”, Darth Vader strikes a menacing pose, using the Force to crush the hope of the Rebellion and silence his dissenters with an outstretched hand. This 1:2 scale figure is rich with screen accurate details from his appearance in Episode IV: A New Hope.

Along with his detailed helmet, Darth Vader comes outfitted in his iconic black fabric costume, and his screen accurate chest box and belt come with light-up features.  Power them up and experience the grandeur of bringing a piece of the epic Star Wars legacy into your home.  Vader also has a sheathed lightsaber hanging from his belt, reminding you that he could strike at a moment’s notice.

The Darth Vader Legendary Scale™ Figure will make an impressive…most impressive addition to any Star Wars collection. Rule the galaxy and add him to your collection today!

Pre-Orders for the The Darth Vader Legendary Scale™ Figure will begin on Thursday, June 29 between 12pm-3pm PT, and the figure will be priced at $2,550.00.