The Joker’s Weapons and Gadgets

The Joker sows seeds of chaos, pain, and suffering all throughout Gotham as one of the most sinister supervillains of all time. And despite being one the most iconic villains, he’s just as powerless as Batman himself.

So how does The Joker pull off the grandest schemes in Gotham’s underworld without superpowers? Well excellent leadership skills are a good start, but the heavy lifting relies on his utility belt’s worth of weapons and gadgets.

Let’s take a look at The Joker‘s most important accessories.

Joker’s Explosives

What good is a villain without a healthy dose of explosives? Whether it’s traditional grenades, or sticks of dynamite, or even just some gasoline on a large pile of money, The Joker is more than capable with explosives. Bridges and boats are all part of the game, but the message is the same: it’s absolutely hysterical when things go BOOM!

Joker’s Acid Flower

Some clowns wear makeup, some clowns wear funny colors, and some clowns even wear a trick flower lapel. They usually spritz water from their center, but The Joker, as always, puts a little twist on a classic. His flower lapel squirts out acid that can burn straight through metal or turn some men insane! You’ll never know what kind of potion he’s packing, but then again, when has The Joker ever been predictable?

Joker’s Crowbar

One of The Joker’s most iconic weapons is his crowbar. Most of the shady warehouses that he and his goons hang out in have at least one crowbar leaning up against a wall. It makes for a good torture weapon and it’s a good way for The Joker to express how mad he really is. Once, in a bout of rage, The Joker used a crowbar to kill Jason Todd.

Joker’s Boxing Gloves

The Joker is nothing without The Batman, and he knows it. When Batman changes his weapons, the Joker does too. And if Batman can have an extending staff, The Joker can have an extending weapon too! Suddenly, the extendo-boxing glove was born. While he seems to use it less often these days, it’s been repurposed more than once. In The Joker Premium Format Figure, The Joker uses the extension boxing glove as a part of his pummeling pulverizing pogo stick.

Joker’s Guns

Batman has a few very strong rules: no killing, and no guns. Maybe that’s why The Joker’s weapon of choice, in most cases, is a gun. But better yet! It’s a trick gun. If you pull the trigger once, a flag pops out. The Joker gets such joy from watching someone think that they’re about to die. The real trick is that if you pull the trigger a second time, it shoots out the flag like a harpoon gun. Killing and guns, all wrapped up in a joke! It’s perfect for The Clown Prince of Crime.

Joker’s Pencil

The Joker is all about adaptation. It’s all about spontaneity and creativity when it comes to weapons. In Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, The Joker used a regular pencil for a “disappearing act” by jamming the pencil through a henchman’s head. It’s not about the type of weapon, but the ways that it can kill.

Joker Venom (Joker Toxin)

Arguably The Joker‘s most deadly killing tool is his Joker Venom, sometimes referred to as Joker Toxin. The concoction comes in many forms, from gas to goo. Each batch of Joker Venom has different effects. Harley Quinn was tossed into a vat, and it bleached her skin and turned her insane! Sometimes it kills people, sometimes it makes them go looney. But no matter what kind of Joker Venom it is, it always leaves a smile on their face — literally!

Joker’s Joy Buzzer

The Joker’s Joy Buzzer comes in handy when he wants to electrify a crowd. Maybe he has shocking news to share, or he really wants to deliver a lightning fast punchline. The Joy Buzzer has a powerful charge and can leave you fried, or just give you a little bit of a buzz. The Joy Buzzer has followed The Joker around in multiple appearances, from comics, to movies, and even combat video games!

Joker’s Cards

The Joker’s calling card might seem commonplace, but that’s the point! Every single deck of cards has a joker. And just like each playing card company has their own design, The Joker designed his own cards too. Many of his cards are razor sharp and can be thrown just like Batman’s Batarangs!

And many more!

The Joker simply can’t be limited to the items on this list. We hardly even talked about his knives, or his entire theme park of doom, let alone the Joker Fish! And while we couldn’t list them all, we had to include just a few more: Exploding Teeth, Sword Cane, Flamethrower Light, Exploding Cigars, and more!

The Clown Prince of Crime has a loaded arsenal. Be sure to add him to your arsenal of DC collectibles.

What’s your favorite weapon or gadget that The Joker uses? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!