The Spider-Man Premium Format™ Figure Swings into Your Marvel Collection

All right. That was actually a pretty smart- though completely evil– move.

Sideshow presents the Spider-Man Premium Format™ Figure, measuring 22.5” tall as everyone’s favorite web-head wrestles with the tentacles of Doc Ock on an Oscorp Laboratories-themed base. Peter Parker expertly avoids his foe’s clawed clutches as the robotic arms coil around mangled monitors and machinery.

The polystone Spider-Man Premium Format™ Figure features a sculpted blue and red costume with varied textures and webbing elements on the gloves, boots, mask, and torso. The Spidey suit is also detailed with musculature and realistic fabric-like movement.

A number of webs wrap around the mechanical tentacles on the base, clamping the deadly claws shut and hiding Parker’s camera in the fray. The two open claws also include a light up feature, adding a sinister green glow to the scene.

The Exclusive Edition of the Spider-Man Premium Format™ Figure includes a swap-out portrait with an alternate classic mask design. Enhance your spider-senses with this exclusive additional display option!

THWIP! Now you can sling a web and bring home the Spider-Man Premium Format™ Figure to join your own Marvel action figures and collectibles.

Pre-orders for the Spider-Man Premium Format™ Figure will begin on Thursday, June 27th between 12pm-3pm PDT. The Exclusive Edition will be priced at $640.00 USD and the Collector Edition will be priced at $625.00 USD.

Artist Credits:

  • Design: Zac Roane, Richard Luong
  • Sculpt: Kris Lee, Igor Catto, Kellam Cunningham
  • Mold and Cast: Adam Smith, Jeremy Williams, Chadwick Andersen
  • Paint: Bernardo Esquivel
  • The Sideshow Design and Development Team