These pets dressed as Thor are our heroes!

In honor of Thorsday, we asked fans on Twitter to send us pictures of their fur-babies dressed as the God of Thunder. With costumes and accessories worthy of the gods, these mighty pet Avengers are all set for Halloween!

This purr-fect defender of Asgard

via @Rooney313

Pork Chop, transformed into Thork Chop

Thorgi, Dog of Thunder

via @Carl_To

Whosoever holds this hammer…

via @CommanderCool76

These orange cats are worthy…

via @belleofthetower

Oliver – weilder of Meowlnir!

via @CourtneyIBowen

Also this feline protector of the realm

via @XeQUae

This mighty caped ferret

Crochet cosplay!

via @MightyStarGazer

Channeling Lockjaw…

via @ChanceChemistry

This house has two worthy guardians

Look at those flowing golden locks!

via @bramblesnthorns

Max is worthy

via @Miggret92

Thor-hound brings the thunder

via @arpdani

Goodnight, sweet prince…

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