This Baker Cooked up a Deadly Delicious Court of the Dead Cake

Sideshow always seeks to create artwork that is a a feast for the eyes, but this cake artist has cooked up a real treat with her edible artwork.  Designed for Cake Con Collaboration, Nathasja Flaper drew delicious and devilish inspiration from the Court of the Dead, Sideshow’s debut original property, and incorporated fondant, sugar, and other edible elements to create this phenomenal piece.

Yes, you’re really looking at a cake!  This murderous morsel is based on the design of the Kier Premium Format Figure™, and honors the Valkyrie of the Dead in a delectable fashion.  Complete with a sword and a removable mask, the Kier cake is incredibly detailed, capturing the Underworld in a whole new medium.  Just look at her intricately sculpted armor!  A very worthy way to honor this noble member of the Court.

More of Nathasja’s stunning cake creations can be found at her Facebook and Instagram pages @flappergastedcakes.

Now we’re wondering what other delicious desserts could be created in the image of the Court… A Gethsemoni galette?  Cleopsis cookies?  Sounds terribly tasty!  One thing is for certain, this cake is so badass that everyone is going to want a piece of it.