Thor’s 7 Mightiest Weapons and Tools of the Trade

While working on a cosplay of Russell Dauterman’s Thor design, I began to think about how many accessories it took to complete the look. In the many incarnations of the hero, his hammer, helmet, and cape are iconic and almost always present. This is also the case with some form of chest armor (with those huge round button things), and sometimes arm guards or gauntlets.

But the more I worked and the longer I thought, I realized just how many accessories Thor has available to unleash his true hero potential. With a vast array of weapons and magical artifacts, there are so many choices for the thunderous Avenger to make when suiting up to defend the Ten Realms. Here are some of the most notable tools of Thor’s trade that help the hero access-Thorize for battle.

Mjolnir, the Mystical Uru Warhammer

Mjolnir, Thor’s primary weapon, is the most easily recognized symbol of the thundering hero. Bestowed with a blessed enchantment, this hammer can only be picked up by those who have been proven worthy of its immense power. This list has included only a select few over the years, and the exact parameters of worthiness are not exactly explicit.

Mjolnir was forged for Thor Odinson’s grandfather by the dwarves, who used the core of a star and Uru metal to form the iconic hammer and imbue it with its immense strength and magic. It is nearly invulnerable and is capable of great destruction.

Despite this, the hammer can be used defensively in addition to its offensive capabilities. It grants any holder the powers of Thor, which include weather manipulation and flight by means of being thrown while the user holds the handle’s unbreakable leather strap.

Jarnbjorn, the Battle Axe

Seen prominently in Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman’s Thor series, Jarnbjorn is the name of the giant axe wielded by Prince Odinson once he loses his hammer due to unworthiness. The name roughly translates to “Iron Bear” and was actually the primary weapon of the prince before he became worthy of Mjolnir.

Jarnbjorn is also known as the Wrecker of Worlds, and was forged by the same race of dwarves from Nidavellir that eventually forged his mystical war hammer. It is nearly indestructible, and blessed with Thor’s own blood, giving it the ability to cut through almost anything.

Odinsword, the Over Sword of Asgard

This gigantic sword belonged to Odin for some time, and was considered the most dangerous weapon. When unsheathed, it would herald the end of the world and the coming of Ragnarok. It was kept away in his vault on Asgard, but over the years many of Asgard’s greatest foes attempted to steal it and draw it from its sheath. Odin and many other warriors fought to protect the sword and keep Asgard safe from its curse.

It was later given to Thor, once the curse had been removed, in order to defeat his evil uncle Cul Borson. The Odinsword was said to be the only weapon that could stop the god of Fear.

Uru Destroyer Arm

When his own axe Jarnbjorn turned against him, Prince Odinson lost his weapon arm altogether. Malekith the Dark Elf stole the axe and cut the warrior’s arm off, keeping it as a prize for himself.

Upon returning to Asgard, the prince was presented with an arm made of Uru metal, the same stuff as his axe and his lost hammer. It is a dark black color, and resembles the arm of the Destroyer. Eventually, in the far future, it is suggested that All-Father Thor actually wears the arm of this metal guardian, in place of the Uru one.

The metal can draw strength from its wielder and the wielder can in turn draw strength from the metal, making Uru weapons, like Mjolnir and Jarnbjorn, especially formidable.

Winged Helmet

Okay, the helmet doesn’t actually give Thor any powers, but the winged silver headpiece is a very important, stylish aspect of the costume. In Jane Foster’s Thor series, the heroine’s face is entirely covered by her masked helm. Traditionally, though, the male hero dons a helmet that is open at the front, with the trademark wings framing the face. Sometimes it’s gold, but it’s usually a burnished silver.

Megingjord, the Mystical Power Belt

One of the lesser seen accessories to Thor’s power, Megingjord hails straight from Norse mythology as a leather belt that grants Thor immense strength even greater than his own normal abilties. It has been used only against the most difficult of foes, as Thor generally has enough incredible strength with which to vanquish villains. This belt was also worn by human Roger “Red” Norvell when Odin hoped to give him godlike powers to avoid Ragnarok.

Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, Thor’s Giant Goats

While these gallant goat steeds aren’t technically weapons or tools, they are another bit of mythology that Marvel translated right onto the comic page. Thor uses two huge goats, named Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, as steeds to draw his chariot, capable of flying the hero wherever he needs to go.

With strong hooves and horns, these goats once managed to chip a sliver of Uru off Mjolnir by accident, which later became Frogjolnir, mystical hammer of Throg, Frog of Thunder.

These two mystical creatures recently appeared when Prince Odinson lost Mjolnir and must use the goats as his primary mode of transportation, apart from the Bifrost. They seem like an eco-friendly ride.

The incredible might of Thor is made all the more impressive by the powerful tools in his armory. It’s pretty incredible what a range there is, some things hailing directly from mythology and others being added by the various artists and writers who have tackled the epic Avenger’s story over the years.

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