Threezero’s ROBO-DOU Dancouga Collectible Figure First Look

Just ahead of the figure’s worldwide release, Sideshow’s newest FIRST LOOK VIDEO gives fans an up-close look at a unique re-design of the classic mecha ROBO-DOU Dancouga from Threezero.

This epic new collectible figure draws inspiration from the 1980s anime Dancouga – Super Beast Machine God but with a unique re-design by Threezero’s celebrated Art Director, Kelvin Sau.

Unboxing the Figure

The iconic robot designs have been remixed to incorporate Threezero’s hyper-detailed mechanical aesthetic, combining the familiar characters we all know and love with an exciting new presentation — and of course, all four of these highly detailed machines have transformation functionality, and can combine together to form Dancouga!

Check out the unboxing video for this detailed collectible and find out even more about the ROBO-DOU Dancouga Collectible Figure as host Guy Klender walks you through every aspect of the unboxing experience from packaging to posing. See the figure’s articulation, the four separate machines, their alternate hands and weapon accessories, and more.

Dancouga — Super Beast Machine God

Dancouga — Super Beast Machine God is a popular Super Robot anime series from Japan that saw the debut of one of the most prolific mecha designers in the animation industry. It told the story of four soldiers who each piloted one segment of the mecha Dancouga in a fight against alien invaders. Separately, the Cyber Beast machines are powerful enough to fend off their attackers, but together, they become humanity’s best hope to fight off the Muge Zorbados Empire.

The ROBO-DOU Dancouga (Kelvin Sau Redesign) is a fully articulated poseable figure that stands approximately 13.2” (33.5cm) tall in Dancouga mode, including the cannon on his back. The figure features a striking metallic finish with weathered paint application to highlight all the impressive details. Constructed primarily of ABS, PVC, and POM, the figure also includes zinc alloy and metal parts within the internal structure and at the movable joints, providing an astonishing 203 points of articulation for the total of four machines!

Dancouga consists of four separate machines: Eagle Fighter, Land Cougar, Land Liger, and Big Moth. Eagle Fighter can transform between Normal Mode (fighter form) and Humanoid Mode (human form). Land Cougar, Land Liger and Big Moth can transform between Normal Mode (tank form), Aggressive Mode (animal form), and Humanoid Mode (human form).

What’s in the Box?

The ROBO-DOU Dancouga (Kelvin Sau Redesign) Collectible Figure features:

  • Four separate machines: Eagle Fighter, Land Cougar, Land Liger, and Big Moth
  • Dankuken Sword
  • Flying Booster
  • Beam Gun for Eagle Fighter
  • Blaster Gun for Land Cougar
  • Blaster Gun for Land Liger
  • Beam Launcher for Big Moth
  • Adapter piece for combining the three guns and launcher into the large weapon Daigan
  • 6 pairs of interchangeable hands for Dancouga and Big Moth: one pair of fists, one pair of relaxed hands, one pair of posed hands, one pair of Dankuken-holding hands, one pair of Beam Launcher-holding hands, one pair of Daigan-holding hands
  • Three pieces of interchangeable hands for Land Cougar: one pair of fists, one Blaster Gun-holding right hand
  • Three pieces of interchangeable hands for Land Liger: one pair of fists, one Blaster Gun-holding right hand

Anime fans won’t want to miss their chance to add this incredible Threezero collectible figure to their collections! Check out these and other expertly constructed anime collectibles available at

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