Top 10 DC Characters with Environmental Powers

We are getting in touch with our wild side to find out the top 10 DC characters with environmental powers. From the sea to the sky to the land below, find out more about these forces of nature from DC Comics!


While Victor Fries does use ice in his criminal ventures under the alias Mr. Freeze, his powers stem from the use of cryogenic technology that manipulates temperatures. He takes the honorable mention spot on this list because his powers are not as organic as the other characters on this list.

10. Black Orchid

Black Orchid is a mantle used by four different superheroines in DC Comics. She has changed multiple times over the course of her history — in one Black Orchid series, she was even a villain.

Black Orchid is a human-plant hybrid with powers of strength, flight, and the ability to absorb nutrients from the air and generate pheromones. As of the New 52, the character became linked to both the mystical worlds of the Red and the Green. The Red is the universal force connecting all animal life, used by heroes such as Vixen and Animal Man, while the Green connects all plant life.

9. Floronic Man

Also known as the Plant Master, the Seeder, or Floro, Dr. Jason Woodrue has an advanced knowledge of botany that he manipulates in order to control plant growth. After an experimental formula transforms him into a human-plant hybrid, he joins the Secret Society of Super-Villains.

In the Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean miniseries Black Orchid, Woodrue was given a new history as the botany professor who taught Alec Holland and Pamela Isley. While not chosen by the Green, his actions earn him a special (albeit forced) connection to the universal force of flora.

8. Red Tornado

Red Tornado is an android created by professor T. O. Morrow as one of several experiments to harness elemental powers. He possesses aerokinesis, as his true form is a powerful entity composed entirely of wind force.

He can produce cyclone-like bursts from his arms and legs to aid in flight, force, and even invisibility. His android “siblings” include the hydrokinetic Red Torpedo, the pyrokinetic Red Inferno, and the geokinetic Red Volcano. Talk about seeing Red.

7. Clayface

Clayface is the alias of several super-villains in the Batman universe, most notably Basil Karlo and Matt Hagen. Both men and women have used the Clayface name, with powers of shapeshifting, enhanced strength, and duplication granted through protoplasmic mud-like material.

In the DC Bombshells alternate universe, Clayface was able to manipulate elements found in the earth to reconstitute himself out of silver deposits in the dirt. On the other hand, Clayface of the Harley Quinn animated series is an aspiring actor. Hair and makeup must be a real cinch.

6. Terra

Terra is the name used by several heroines throughout DC Comics — most notably by Tara Markov and later Atlee. Every Terra has been a powerful geokinetic, able to manipulate the earth.

Tara Markov, half-sister of the hero Geo-Force, got her powers from scientific experiments, while Atlee comes from a race of aliens called Stratans, and has a rare mutation granted by an ore called quixium. The first Terra was a valued member of the Teen Titans and her impact on this team will never be forgotten.

5. Vixen

Have you ever heard the roar of a lion, the flap of an eagle’s wings, and the hiss of a snake all at once? Perhaps you were in the presence of Vixen. Mari McCabe, AKA Vixen, is a businesswoman and model from Zambesi. Her power is to channel the attributes of any member of the animal kingdom using her Tantu Totem, a gift of Anansi the trickster god.

Like the hero Animal Man, Vixen taps into the Morphogenetic Field, a source of power from the Red. Vixen has been part of the Justice League as well as the Suicide Squad and the Birds of Prey.

4. Beast Boy

Garfield Logan became Beast Boy after contracting a rare and lethal disease that only West African green monkeys are immune to. His scientist parents injected him with a serum to burn out the disease, which had the unintended side effects of turning the boy green and giving him the metamorphic ability to transform into different animals.

In the New 52, he briefly appeared red instead of his traditional green, due to his connection to the Red, the source of Vixen and Animal Man’s abilities.

3. Swamp Thing

Once a man named Alec Holland, Swamp Thing is a shambling elemental creature connected to the Green as a protector of the natural life of the DC Universe. Swamp Thing was created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, first appearing in House of Secrets in 1971.

As an Avatar of the Green, he has superhuman strength and durability, plant manipulation, and the ability to reconstruct his body from any manner of vegetation, including alien matter.

2. Poison Ivy

Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley is one of Batman’s deadliest rogues due to her botanical knowledge and floral physiology. Neil Gaiman gave the character a revised backstory in 1988, in which Dr. Jason Woodrue injects her with poisons and toxins as an experiment, which transforms her and drives her mad.

Poison Ivy has the power to manipulate plant life (later associated with a connection to the Green) and she can secrete toxins and pheromones while simultaneously being immune to all pathogens and poisons.

1. Aquaman

The Ruler of the Seven Seas, the Rider of King Tide, the Dweller in the Depths, Aquaman takes the #1 spot on our list. He is known for his aquatic physiology, telepathic control of aquatic life, and hydrokinesis.

Most recently, the mantle of Aquaman has been taken up by Kaldur’ahm on television and Jackson Hyde in the comics. Jackson even combines electrokinesis with his hydrokinesis, while Kaldur uses Atlantean magic to enhance his Aquaman power.

Many people might remember Aquaman from his portrayal in Super Friends, but in reality the abilities associated with this hero are incredibly powerful and frightening. Think about it — the Earth is mostly covered in water, and much of the ocean has been unexplored due to the sheer dangerous conditions of the seas. Not to mention all of the terrifying creatures that live in the murkiest depths. Yep, Aquaman’s powers can control all of that as well.

You might want to think twice before laughing at Aquaman in the future.

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