Top 10 Quotes from The Mandalorian on Disney+

The Mandalorian, the hit Star Wars series streaming on Disney+, has brought us right back to some of our favorite planets to meet some of our favorite characters. We’re exploring the Star Wars mythos in a brand new way, all through the visor lens of the titular Mandalorian, Din Djarin™.

Even when it gets choppy you can count on Mando to pull through. He’s a man of few words, but each word holds that much more weight. Soon, season 3 will be ready to stream. Here are our top 10 quotes from seasons 1 and 2 of The Mandalorian.

10. “I’m not leaving my fate up to chance.”

Din Djarin stands out, even among Mandalorians™. He’s the best of the best, and he’s been trained to handle any and every situation.

When The Mandalorian is in a tight spot, he won’t wait for some cruel fate to unfold. He refuses to be boxed into a corner and left for dead. The Mandalorian will always fight until his last breath, and he will do whatever it takes to survive and succeed.

9. “I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.”

In season 1, the Mandalorians were in hiding. They had a strange code that we had never heard before. Most importantly, they never remove their helmets, they work tirelessly for their beskar™ armor, and they fight for a signet worthy of wearing.

Each of these strange aspects of their culture and their creed contribute to the rumors around them. Most Mandalorians are known for their unique weapons, and it’s not without cause. Weapons, as we learn, are a part of their religion. Their homeworld’s war-torn history, later shared by The Armorer™, is the cause of their brutal nature.

8. “Let me have a warrior’s death.”

All seems lost. Cara Dune™ and Greef Karga™ are avoiding the absolute destruction brought on by Moff Gideon™ and his legion. Not only is the town itself in complete shambles, but it seems that even The Mandalorian won’t be able to recover.

He wants to keep his dignity, but Cara Dune insists upon him keeping his life. It shows just how honorable he is. Mando would rather choose a warrior’s death than break his code to remove his helmet. Honorable, and maybe a bit stubborn.

7. “I like those odds.”

It could be 4 to 1, 6 to 1, or more. The Mandalorian is never deterred by a challenge of any sort. He’s taken down ships single-handedly. With great skills and great weapons, he can keep himself safe in any and every circumstance.

Din Djarin knows his limits and he knows his strengths. Even if things look grim, the bounty hunter knows exactly what he can accomplish. No more and no less.

6. “Take it off. Or I will.”

When The Mandalorian meets Cobb Vanth™, he’s shocked to see another Mandalorian — or so he thinks. It’s certainly someone wearing Mandalorian armor, and it appears to have been armor that belonged to Boba Fett™ himself.

But when Cobb Vanth removes his helmet, it becomes immediately clear that he is not of Mandalore™. In Din Djarin’s mind, no true Mandalorian would remove their helmet. So, Din makes an ultimatum that sounds as if it’s straight out of a Western.

5. “I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.”

When The Mandalorian threatens someone, it’s not a braggadocious boast. It’s not to appear tough. Really, it’s not even a threat. Instead, Mando is giving a sincere explanation of what will happen if his bounty does not comply.

When the Mandalorian sets his mind to something, he will succeed. It’s not a question of if — just a matter of how.

4. “Stop touching things.”

The Child, AKA Grogu™, is a curious little one. He wants to know all that is around him, and likely wants to taste it too. Grogu is a hungry little creature, so when he wanders around Mando’s ship, the Razor Crest™, The Mandalorian wants him to be careful.

There are buttons and switches that Grogu just can’t understand. To play it safe, The Mandalorian makes it clear: Everything is off limits.

3. “You expect me to search the galaxy for the home of this creature and deliver it to a race of enemy sorcerers?”

In his typically poignant way, The Mandalorian is able to summarize the entire purpose of the show in just a single line. It shows Mando both in his element and completely out of his depth. He could absolutely search the galaxy, just as he’s searched for beskar and bounties.

On the other hand, he has no concept of the power, influence, or history of the Jedi™. At this point, they are merely the stuff of legends and hearsay. Why would he trust them with someone he cares about?

2. “He means more to me than you will ever know.”

This makeshift clan of two is an unlikely pair. The Mandalorian is meant to be ruthless, a loner. According to Jedi law, the Child should also avoid attachment and only focus on the Force. However, these two form an unbreakable bond.

When the Mandalorian and the Child encounter Ahsoka Tano™, he finally learn’s the Child’s name: Grogu. Ahsoka takes note of their reliance on each other, not discouraging it but letting them know of the potential tragedy that follows attachment. When the unthinkable happens, and Moff Gideon’s fleet of Dark Troopers™ abducts Grogu, nothing matters to Mando except getting him back. The Mandalorian delivers the above message to Gideon, a warning that he will never part from Grogu without a fight.

1. “This is the Way.”

Perhaps the most important line of the series, repeated over and over again, this is the mantra of the Mandalorians. It is an agreement on a set of standards for battle, for honor, and for life.

It also reveals the way The Mandalorian works. He has dedicated himself to the practice of a single mindset and a single way of life. However, when Grogu brings a whole new world into his life, the Way might just have to change — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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