The Top 10 Superhero Corporations

Businessmen and bad guys alike love to put their names on giant buildings- after all, even heroes and villains have to make their money somehow- these are our Top 10 Superhero corporations in comics, who owns them, and what they do.

10. Queen Industries

Queen Industries in the DC Universe is an organization owned and run by Oliver Queen, also known as Green Arrow.  He inherited ownership after his parents Robert and Moira Queen were killed on safari.  Company leadership has changed hands over the years, but currently Queen uses the business as a front for his heroic operations as Green Arrow, funding his technology and developing trick arrows.

9. Hammer Industries

Marvel’s Hammer Industries is owned by billionaire industrialist Justin Hammer. The Headquarters are located in London, England, and they became one of the leading weapons suppliers in the Marvel Universe after Tony Stark moved out of weapons production.


8. Parker Industries

Marvel’s defense tech contractor Parker Industries was founded by Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man.  It was technically created when Dr. Otto Octavius, as the Superior Spider-Man, was fired from Horizon Labs and went on to develop his own company.  The company’s temporary headquarters were established in the Baxter Building in New York City.

7. Pym Technologies

Founded by Hank Pym in Marvel continuity, Pym Technologies is a scientific research company that specializes in nanotechnology, molecular, and atomic studies. It was founded after Pym left SHIELD and is located in San Francisco. Hank Pym was voted out as CEO and replaced by Darren Cross, who became Yellowjacket.

6. Oscorp

Oscorp Industries in the Marvel Universe was created and run by Norman Osborn, the villain also known as the Green Goblin.  The multinational organization specialized in defense weaponry and chemical research.  It eventually would be merged with Allan Chemicals to create Alchemax.

5. The Rand Corporation

Danny Rand, the Iron Fist, is the current CEO of the Rand Corporation in the Marvel Universe. He reclaimed it from the Meachum family, who orchestrated the death of his parents. It is an international corporation, and in the Netflix universe, a RAND Oil and Chemicals truck is the one that blinds Matt Murdock as a child, and the company gives Misty Knight her new artificial arm.

4. LexCorp

This DC Universe megacorporation is owned and operated by billionaire entrepreneur Lex Luthor.  The company largely serves as a front for Luthor’s criminal enterprise while he works to overcome his nemesis, Superman.  Since its founding, LexCorp has expanded into retail, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil, and more.

3. Roxxon Energy

Roxxon Energy Corporation began as a small oil company and has actually grown into a massive, evil media company conglomerate in the modern Marvel Age. Owned by current CEO Dario Agger, also known as the Minotaur, Roxxon has mined for resources throughout the Marvel Universe, including Mars and Svartalfheim.


2. Wayne Enterprises

Wayne Enterprises was founded in the 18th century by merchant ancestors of the modern Wayne family, making it among the oldest companies in the DC Universe.  It was started as a small trading business, and grew into the massive company it is today, with countless subdivisions including Wayne Airlines, Chemicals, Energy, and Entertainment.

1. Stark Industries

Marvel’s Stark Industries is an American aerospace, defense, security, and technology company belonging to the Stark family. It has been known as Stark International, Innovations, Enterprises, and Resilient over the years, and was grown to most notoriety by Tony Stark. It has slightly different origins in the 616 and MCU, and CEOs have included Amanda Armstrong, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Obadiah Stane, and Howard Stark.


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