Top 5 Evil Candy Collectibles for Halloween 2020

Here comes the witching hour, and with it, a bag or bucket extended. And inside, the insidious sugar-filled sweets that make Halloween so very delicious! And what kind of Halloween would it be if you weren’t collecting all your favorite candy?

So let’s dig in and check out the top 5 evil Candy collectibles for this Halloween season. Each of these inedible, incredible treats is a bit of a trick!

Kill Kat

The Kill Kat Vinyl Collectible is more vicious than your typical confection! Certainly these sculpted dark chocolate wafers have a little more bite to them. They bare their teeth as they look out and about just as eager for their own treats as you are for yours.

They even come with a wrapper just as delightfully designed, featuring a demonic symbol and instructions to summon the creator of this dastardly dessert.

Candy Cornelius

The Candy Cornelius Vinyl collectible extends its waxy hands out as it reaches for its next victim. Its lifeless eyes spread to the side and make way for the gluttonous gob.

Its color-coded gums and candy-corn teeth prepare for their next meal. Is it brains? Or perhaps something worse? Maybe even the very treat it takes after… Candy-balism!

Skull Kisses of Death: Boney Crunch Edition (White Chocolate)

Look no further for an affectionate display of demise than the Skull Kisses of Death: Boney Crunch Edition (White Chocolate) Vinyl Collectible. This delicacy is a perfect way to tell someone, “I love you to death!”

The white chocolate oozes down from the pointed top and ever-so-slightly covers the skull hiding in the chocolatey drop. There really is nothing sweeter than the Kisses… of Death!

King Kill Kat – Matcha Snake Venom

The King Kill Kat – Matcha Snake Venom Vinyl Collectible takes this classic wafer snack to a whole new level. These evil twin treats stand larger than life, and on their own two legs, no less!

The King Kill Kat is sculpted with one mouth wide open and ready for the feast, and the other with its menacing snake tongue slithering out. The detailed wrapper reveals the new paralyzing flavor of the Evil Wafers. There’s nothing better than a little venom for your feast!

Killer Klowns From Outer Space Cotton Candy Hanging

Even thinking about the 6’2″-tall Killer Klowns From Outer Space Cotton Candy Hanging Prop Replica is bound to give you a toothache. It’s more than any one stomach could carry!

And yet, as if it had a stomach of its own, it appears that there’s a human encased inside. It might not fit in your Trick or Treat bucket, but this incredible replica certainly would fit perfectly with your horror collection.

So if you’ve got a sweet tooth, and we know that you do, check out all of Sideshow’s evil Halloween candy collectibles. There’s nothing sweeter for this Spooktacular season!

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