Venompool and the Contest of Champions!

Venompool first appeared in a What If? comic in 2011. Since then, he’s grown to become a popular character in Marvel’s Contest of Champions mobile game. And since Marvel announced their Contest of Champions Tournament happening between San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con, we thought we’d tell you a little bit about one of our favorite Champions in the game.

Deadpool and Venom are absolutely the most insane anti-heroes in the Marvel Universe. However, they’re both champions to be reckoned with. Together, Venompool‘s sheer power of mind and body can stop even the most powerful of foes. Half mutant, half symbiote, this character is all awesome.

Symbiotic Smack

Venom’s first move in Contest of Champions is The Symbiotic Smack. The Symbiotic Smack is the Venompool version of Venom’s Constituent Lash. Venom’s long tendril arms reach out like a giant extendo-arm and smack the opponent back and forth across the stage. All the while, he can’t stop smiling. It’s always fun for Deadpool to get in a big fight!

Hot Toys has captured this maniacal grin in the special edition of the Venompool Sixth Scale Figure, which features a grinning portrait that will smile his way right into our nightmares!

Sword Spin: XL Edition

Sword Spin: XL Edition is just like Deadpool’s second special movie: Sword Spin. There’s really only one notable difference. We’ll leave that one up to you to figure out. Venompool does an impossibly cool flip and spin in the middle of the air, all the while pulling out his twin blades and slashing the opponent with the full force of a mutant and symbiote mix! And let’s not forget his cooler than cool moonwalk after he finishes this signature second special move.

The Venompool Sixth Scale Figure from Hot Toys includes his oversized katana blades so you can slice through the competition in your own collection.

Ssssssave Me!

When two forces of pure madness get together, they make something beautiful and new. In this case, it’s the hysterical and brutal special move called “Ssssssave Me!” Black spindles of symbiote goo slip out of Venompool’s back and reach for the unsuspecting enemy, just like in Venom’s individual special move. These arms lift the foe from the ground by their feet, but before anything happens, Venompool gets a phone call!

Just like Deadpool’s third special move, Venompool makes his opponent wait while he takes his very important phone call. But it’s only a distraction so Venompool can pull out his gun and shoot his opponent in the head.

The Venompool Sixth Scale Figure from Hot Toys includes a cell phone receiving an urgent call on the screen and a hand holding an oversized gun so you can recreate this funny finisher in your own collection.

What do you think of Venompool‘s moves? Will you be checking out Marvel’s Contest of Champions Tournament? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!

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