What We Think Might Happen in The Last Jedi Based on the Latest Trailer

If you haven’t already seen the latest trailer for The Last Jedi, you may want to jump to hyperspace out of here to avoid possible spoilers.

Last week, the final trailer for December’s highly-anticipated Episode VIII dropped during Monday Night Football, giving audiences some tantalizing looks at new costumes, new creatures, and new moments that made us go, “Wait, WHAT?!”.

All will be answered in a few months’ time, but for now, here are some of our thoughts about what the trailer could be hinting at for the next film…

On Luke’s Attitude…

Luke Skywalker appears more disillusioned rather than evil, which has been the suspicion of many after that latest trailer. He has seen the fall of the Empire, the rise of the First Order. With it, he has seen the loss of his nephew to the Dark Side, the destruction of his new Jedi Order, and he may have even felt the death of his friend Han Solo.

Luke probably believes that the Force is an unspeakable and uncontrollable power that NO one should ever use again.  So many have tried to bring balance to the Force, only to end up on the path of total darkness, or stringent order and rigidity.

When he says, “It time for the Jedi to end,” in the first Ep.VIII trailer, he might mean that there should no longer be Force users who are susceptible to the pull of the Dark Side, like Anakin Skywalker and Ben Solo/Kylo Ren who both destroyed their Jedi Orders. The fate of the Galaxy falls to the good men and women, common soldiers and non-force users, to rescue it from darkness.

There has been no balance achieved in the Force between the Sith and the Jedi, and so the onus turns to characters who live surrounded by the Force, but unable to use it. This may make heroes like Poe Dameron and Finn have a larger role in these future films, given that they have yet to prove force-sensitive.

On Finn and Phasma’s Showdown…

Finn is seen wearing a First Order Officer’s Uniform while battling Captain Phasma, who has survived the destruction of Starkiller base. We know that Finn was previously a First Order Stormtrooper so its possible that he has infiltrated a First Order base or ship, knowing their operations and procedures.

His connections make Finn the most qualified for espionage against the First Order, which may hint at the adventures he undertakes with Star Wars newcomer Rose Tico.

On Snoke’s Talk of Destiny…

Kylo Ren appears angered in the scene where he is about to smash his mask against the wall. It is possible that Snoke is displeased with him, or that the Knight of Ren has discovered that he was being used for Snoke’s agenda, much like what Han and Leia mentioned in The Force Awakens.

Supreme Leader Snoke seems to have turned his attention to Rey, who was the awakening in the force.  He may be able to sense that Rey is stronger than Kylo, and he may even know her true identity, as assumed by the scene where Snoke has Rey in some sort of Force hold telling her to fulfill her destiny.

On Those Awesome New First Order Walkers…

The scene with the looming First Order Walkers is very reminiscent of Empire Strikes Back, which is not surprising since the Skywalker saga uses cyclical storytelling and visual continuity between the trilogies.

The Resistance will most likely be kicked out of their base and flee to another location just like the beginning of Empire Strikes Back, or this scene could place near the end of the movie as the Resistance’s last stand against the First Order leading into Episode IX.

On That Moment at the End with Kylo and Rey…

The final scenes of the trailer feature Rey saying, “I need someone to show me my place in all this” which then cuts to Kylo with his hand reaching out. This editing may not necessarily imply that Rey is speaking to Kylo directly, but she could be speaking to a mentor figure such as Luke or possibly Snoke.

The end of the trailer could hint at Episode VIII highlighting Rey’s struggle to find her place in the galaxy while having to resist the different dangerous paths that are offered to her.

There are so many things we have theories and questions about!  What were those ice foxes?  Why does Crait have red dust coming out of its earth?  And what do Porgs do???  We want to know!  December can’t come quickly enough.

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