What You Are Missing on Sideshow Instagram- October 23rd Edition

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Every day, there’s something new to be seen around the Sideshow studio. Last week the goddess of thunder showed Mjolnir’s might, Daredevil took a selfie with Daredevil, the mistress of magic cast a spell on us, and we got to see staff inside the Sideshow studio!  Plus so much more! Here’s what you might have missed on Sideshow Instagram last week.

Thor: Jane Foster showed her strength as she began shipping.


A Star Wars collectible Life-Size Death Trooper™ was asked to watch Darth Vader‘s grandson Kylo, as seen in the halls of Sideshow HQ.


The renegade angel Angela gave some serious attitude.


Charlie Cox and Daredevil took this impressive selfie.


Zatanna brought a little magic to our morning.


We were waiting for the weekend ahead of Spooktacular.


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