What to Expect Next from Ser Sideshow & Phoney Phantoms!

Spooktacular 2022 brought us countless frights and delights. One of the most delightful aspects, however, was the release of the new Ser Sideshow mobile game. After all, it’s an extremely rewarding way to stay up late!

For fans who thought Ser Sideshow might go into hibernation after the October event, never fear! Learn about our upcoming Phoney Phantoms plans below.

Ser Sideshow

Ser Sideshow was created way back in 2020 during our video game-centric Level Up! event. The little nonbinary knight fights with their helmet feather. They’ve traveled from 2D to 3D, from lakeside castles to dark dungeons. They’ve also battled many foes, and finally made it to their next haunted adventure during Spooktacular 2022. Now fans can expect even more levels and seasonal themes moving forward!

Phoney Phantoms

In Phoney Phantoms, you play as the beloved original character Ser Sideshow. You use their super-powered feather to fight against the Scarlett Sentry’s evil minions. Phoney Phantoms also features hand-drawn and animated artwork plus nine challenging levels of retro arcade action.

There’s also a majorly challenging arcade mode in which you can aim for a high score above other players! With multiple game modes, including the opportunity to play for real world Rewards, this charming mobile game is a must-play.

Now on Android!

The game is available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple App Store. Phoney Phantoms is also now available for Android through the Google Play Store. Access quick download links via Sideshowgames.com.


Like we mentioned above, playing Phoney Phantoms gives you the chance to earn real world Sideshow.com shopping credit. Once you beat certain levels, your victory will generate special Rewards*. Those can then be redeemed online via your Sideshow account. After that, what you do with them is up to you. Will you treat yourself? Or check a present off of your holiday gift list? Check out our Gift Guides for a little inspiration.

Any questions about Rewards? We have answers. Learn more about the Rewards program via our helpful Sideshow Rewards Help Center article.

*Standard Terms & Conditions apply on any and all points earned.

❄️ Winter Updates 👀

We know you were all worried. But we’re excited to announce that Ser Sideshow isn’t going anywhere this winter. As the cold months approach, you’ll be able to warm yourself up with new platforms and pests. Wait, what!? SURPRISE!

That’s right — Phoney Phantoms will return with NEW winter-themed levels. Expect new backgrounds … and new minions! (But let’s keep this secret between us!)

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