Spooktacular 2022: Event Wrap-Up — And What’s Next!

Today, Spooktacular must sadly return to its grave. It needs its beauty sleep before next year, after all! But don’t be too sad. Even though Spooktacular is over, you can relive the highlights right here.

Below, read our recap of Spooktacular 2022. Plus, get a sneak peek at the events coming next month.

Games & Giveaways

Over the course of the weeklong event, we played tons of trivia and bingo. We also held myriad contests across our social media platforms and official Facebook groups. You can get a rundown of all the prizes — and who won them — in our Spooktacular 2022 Giveaways and Winners blog.

Spooktacular Showcase

Sideshow’s Spooktacular Showcase gave fans a closer look at our spookiest and scariest horror collectibles. We focused on fandoms from Marvel to Court of the Dead, featuring something to make every collector scream with delight. Check out the showcase below or on our official Spooktacular 2022
YouTube playlist

Artist Interviews

Sideshow had the distinct pleasure of interviewing three artists during Spooktacular 2022. Juan Ramos, Jason Edmiston, and Timothy Pittides sat down to talk horror art and show off some of their newest pieces. Don’t fret if you missed the live interview. Watch these amazing discussions now on Sideshow’s YouTube channel.

Ser Sideshow

New mobile game alert! In Phoney Phantoms, you’ll play as the beloved original character Ser Sideshow. Use their super-powered feather to fight against the Scarlett Sentry’s evil minions. With multiple game modes, including the opportunity to play for real world Rewards, this charming game is a must-play.

Phoney Phantoms features hand-drawn and animated artwork plus nine challenging levels of retro arcade action. The game is available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple App Store. Phoney Phantoms is also COMING SOON for Android through the Google Play Store. Stay updated on its launch via Sideshowgames.com.

Deals & Discounts

While Spooktacular-specific deals have been laid to rest alongside the event, there’s still plenty more discounts available to you!

Just in time for early holiday shopping, we’ve also got some evergreen offers on our site. Take advantage of up to 30% off on over 30 pages of product! There are Marvel collectibleshorror collectiblesbackpacks[email protected], and more. So use this opportunity to mark off anything from your friends and family members’ wishlists to your own wishlist. ‘Cause you deserve to treat yourself, too.

Additionally, you can get exclusive discounts sent straight to your mobile phone. How? Meet Sideshow’s Daily Deals. This could mean 25% off a sixth scale, FREE US SHIPPING on your most coveted statues, and more exciting deals. Sign up for Daily Deals at Sideshow.com/daily-deals to receive a special sales link code every single week, multiple times a week.

What’s Next?


From Monday, November 14 to Friday, November 18, Sideshow is hosting our annual Geeksgiving event. This community-centered event focuses on giving back to the fans. Learn more and register NOW at side.show/geeksgiving. Then, make sure you’re part of our biggest fan community: the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Doing last minute holiday shopping this year? Sometimes, it pays to procrastinate. This November, use Sideshow’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers to shop for the geeks in your life. Stay tuned on our social media for all the info about these incredible discounts.

What was your favorite part of Spooktacular 2022? Share your feedback at side.show/geekgroup, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!