Sideshow’s Spooktacular 2022 Giveaways and Winners

During Sideshow’s Spooktacular, a number of exciting giveaways will happen across our social platforms, as well as within Sideshow’s Facebook groups. Following Sideshow across social media, clicking the notification bells to be alerted when we post, and keeping an eye out for when we go live are all ways to help you know where and when giveaways will happen. The catch this time around is that we are not going to tell you where and when these contests will happen ahead of time! As winners claim their prizes, their names (as well as the prizes won) will be added to this blog.

The one thing we can tell you is that you are invited to join us every day at 5 PM PT on YouTube for a wrap-up of the day, photos from the Collector Community, and more giveaways! Giveaways will be done in four different formats, all of which are explained below the winners list.

Remember, Spooktacular event Registration is free and open NOW, but the sooner you register the sooner you can enjoy $10 in Rewards and access to exclusive giveaways, plus surprise Reward code drops!

Flash Giveaways

Flash giveaways are timed and normally require an answer to a question, but this time around the lengths of the contests will vary, so make sure to read all of the details for each contest! Once more, keep an eye on our social media accounts (and make sure those notifications are turned on) to be alerted the moment they go live.

Giveaway Challenges

Giveaway Challenges require a bit more creativity and come with specific instructions or guidelines. You could be asked to draw a picture, make a video, cobble together an item or costume — you never know what you might need to do! The directions will tell you how long you have to complete and submit your entry via Crowdpurr using a specific hashtag.

Facebook Group Giveaways

Found exclusively in Sideshow’s Facebook groups, these giveaways are still open for 12 hours. Each challenge is different, so be prepared to draw, write, cobble, act — almost anything is possible! Be sure to join the groups below as they all have giveaways specific to them.

Sideshow’s Facebook Groups:

Soul Collecting

Soul Collecting has returned this year! Found ONLY in the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group, a post will be made giving out all of the details. This year things will run a little differently, so be sure to read our post carefully when it emerges in the group. If you aren’t a member, it might be time to join our community of geeks!

Remember, we will update this page with the names of all winners, as well as the prizes that were won, as they become available. Good luck and remember to have fun!

All Sideshow, Unruly Industries™, and Sideshow Art Prints contests, giveaways, and games are subject to the terms and conditions for Sideshow contests. View these terms and conditions at

Spooktacular Winners!

Keep checking back to see what ghoulish giveaways have been claimed…

Facebook Group Contests

Bela Lugosi as Dracula (Deluxe) by Infinite Statue

Winner name: Nichole Z.

X-Men Sauron 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

Winner name: Darcy S.

Captain America Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

Winner name: Russel J.

Demogorgon Sixth Scale Figure by Threezero

Winner name: Darron V.

Mumm-Ra 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

Winner name: Ian B.

Leon S. Kennedy Sixth Scale Figure by Damtoys

Winner name: Veedo G.

Mermaid’s Ruin Polystone Statue by Mighty Jaxx

Winner name: Susan R.

Vampirella: Roses for the Dead Art Print by Mike Mayhew

Winner name: Colin L.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hot Foil Title) Art Print by Drew Struzan

Winner name: Alex S.

Rise of the Reaper General Art Print by Vincent Proce

Winner name: Roy J.

Iron Man Mark XXI (Midas) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

Winner name: Annamarie W.

The Crow Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow

Winner name: Gilbert M.

The Child Life-Size Figure by Sideshow

Winner name: Luciano G.

Instagram Contests

Sub-Zero 1:10 Statue by Iron Studios

Winner name: Tiffany R.

Darkstalkers Morrigan Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya

Winner name: Fran D.

Fur Ball Designer Collectible Statue by Ian MacDonald

Winner name: Courtney P.

Rick Grimes Sixth Scale Figure by Threezero

Winner name: thescenesofnow

Zatanna Art Print by Jay Anacleto

Winner name: Hillary W.

Bartman Art Print by Bill Morrison

Winner name: Sabby C.

Twitter Contests

Vampirella: Roses For the Dead (Framed) Art Print by Mike Mayhew

Winner name: Candice B.

The Joker and Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum Breakout Art Print (SOLD OUT) by Jon Foster

Winner name: Jason M.

Batman: The Long Halloween Art Print by Alex Garner

Winner name: Jason M.

Groot Statue by Beast Kingdom

Winner name: Jason M.

Giveaway Challenges

Burning Armored Personnel Carrier Figure by Hiya Toys

Winner name: Ajello

Spider-Man (Black & Gold Suit) by Hot Toys

Winner name: Corbo

Clever Girl Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

Winner name: Britney Borden

Iron Man Mark V by Hot Toys

Winner name: Hillary W.

Cable (Special Edition) by Hot Toys

Winner name: Scott H.

Soul Collecting

Knightmare Batman and Superman Sixth Scale Figure Set by Hot Toys

Winner name: Sean S.

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