The 7 Best Star Wars Vacation Spots Across the Galaxy

Summer is fast approaching so it’s the perfect time to plan a last-minute Star Wars getaway — but let’s be real. We can’t all afford a lakeside villa on Naboo™ or a penthouse with AC on Coruscant™. With that in mind, you might consider these tempting alternatives for a trip far, far away.

Whether you’re dodging bounty hunters in the Outer Rim™ or just have an interest in intergalactic voyages, the following travel spots are the best places to visit for your summer holidays. Pack your bags, refuel your escape pod (we didn’t say they’re all the safest), and may the Force be with you. It’s time to travel!

Chill Out on Hoth

If there’s one thing that Hoth™ has plenty of, it’s that fresh powder, bruh. You can hit the slopes all day long on this sleepy ice planet. There are plenty of quaint ski lodges nestled among the glaciers and you can rent tauntauns™ by the day for getting from hill to hill (or mountain to mountain, if you’re up for a challenge).

For the traveler who is feeling especially daring, there are cave-foraging expeditions — just beware of the wampas™. After all that snow stomping, you can enjoy some aprés-ski refreshments. Local favorites include Hothian iced chocolate and the freshest secret-recipe tartare this side of the Outer Rim.

Beat the Heat on Tatooine

No trip around the galaxy would be complete without a visit to Tatooine™, the classic desert destination for families, moisture farming enthusiasts, and smugglers. There are plenty of bustling spaceports to choose from, but Mos Eisley™ and Mos Espa™ are the mos popular. Brush up on your Huttese™ and, if you’re feeling lucky, you can bet it all at the podraces™.

Later, celebrate (or console yourself) at one of the many cantinas along the dusty golden boulevards. In Mos Eisley, Chalmun’s™ is a tried-and-true watering hole where you can enjoy a cold mug of blue bantha milk™ or Jawa Juice™ — just avoid any dark corners. Also, be sure to check out Tusken Tours! Enterprising Tusken Raiders™ guide you on a sightseeing tour atop dewbacks™ as you scour the dunes for krayt dragons™. About 80% of tourists return safely!

Take Ewok on the Wild Side

Lush, verdant trees that reach for the skies and clean, crisp air await you on your trip to the moon of Endor™ (conveniently also named Endor!). We suggest you book your stay in Bright Water Village™ — you can fall asleep to the ambient sounds of the forest and awaken in the morning as Ewoks™ scamper across the bridges. But do take care to hide gold watches or phone cases.

During the day, try out some famous Endorian zip lining and at sunset, get ready for torch-lit music festivals. For the culinary traveler, you’ll savor roasted forest meats wrapped in fern and mattberry™ cobbler. Just make sure to take a head count of your group before the meal is served.

Fall in Lava with Mustafar

Forget what you’ve heard about Mustafar™. This sizzling hotspot is ideal for travelers who like to be in the hot seat (literally) as you ride leaping lava fleas over the volcanic rivers. Intrepid historians will delight in the Mustafarian historical tours; not many planets have a mesmerizing story quite like Mustafar.

Take the advice of indigenous Mustafarians and wear the gas masks — inhaling any errant lava fumes will really take a toll on your trip. However, on the bright side, you’ll find the best deals on precious ores and gemstones at the mining gift shops. Plus, the floating Mustafarian lava skiffs are the perfect spot for a picnic with your best friend.

Have a Maritime on Trask

Some might suggest the clone trooper™ haven of Kamino™ as the ideal oceanic retreat, but true galactic gadabouts know that Trask™ is the superior choice. On this estuary moon, there are seaside markets teeming with buyers of priceless assets and honest sellers peddling their best wares.

Local inns boast the best chowder in the galaxy and the fresh squid sashimi is practically squirming off the plates. The glass bottom boats are a must-see, though you might have to haggle for the best ticket price — Traskian merchants love to barter. Set sail for this seaside oasis right away!

Porg-get About Your Troubles on Ahch-To

Perhaps you’re looking for somewhere more quiet and relaxing. A place to gather your thoughts and be one with the Force around you like a true Jedi Master™. Look no further than Ahch-To™, the very picture of absolute seclusion.

No, like really, there’s no wi-fi and you’ll be hard pressed to find a map to Ahch-To. Not to worry, if you follow the voices of Jedi past and listen closely to their call, you’ll be surrounded by porgs™ in no time. Feel the salty ocean spray against your face and ponder existence on the coastal cliffs as the native Lanai™ perform a jovial sea shanty.

Walk this Way … to Mandalore!

Last in our intergalactic travel brochure is Mandalore™ — home of the (in)famous Mandalorians™! You’ve most likely heard stories of planet-wide destruction and inhospitable atmospheres, but Mandalore really is on the up and up. In fact, jet pack excursions are part of the all-inclusive Way of the Mand’alor™ Tour.

In addition to guided jet pack flights, you’ll be able to go spelunking throughout the charmingly eroded caves of Sundari™, pick up some authentic beskar™ keychains in the Great Forge™ gift shop, and learn about the movement to restore the planet’s indigenous flora and fauna. Speaking of, please make sure you sign the Alamite™ Accident Liability Contract before landing.

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