It’s in the Stars! A Zodiac Gift Guide for Every Sign

Much like a star sign, collectibles can be a great indicator of someone’s taste, personality, and interests! Collectibles such as statues, figures, and wall art are a wonderful way to express your personality and display the fandoms you’re passionate about. But with so many wonderful options, it can be hard to know where to begin.

Why not look toward the stars for answer? Using a star sign as guidance can be a fun way to pick out a personally matched gift for a loved one … or for yourself! We’ve created a helpful, curated guide to a range of heavenly collectibles from Sideshow for each star sign.


Every bit as bold and ambitious as an Aries, the Star Gazing Fashion Doll has her sights set high. Created by industry legend Robert Tonner with Atomic Misfit, this beautifully crafted doll is fully articulated with an intricately hand-tailored dress, coordinated accessories, and smoky eye makeup. With confidence and style, the Star Gazing Fashion Doll is ready to take any red carpet by storm, just like Aries.


Those born under the sign of Taurus are determined, loyal, and practical. Much like this popular duo! The Mandalorian™ & The Child Set by Hot Toys is a perfect match for Taurus, who understands the driving forces and steadfast devotion of these Star Wars characters. A Taurus also demands the best and this set is certainly that! With amazing attention to detail and a wonderful range of accessories including a pram, necklace, and camtono™, this will exceed even a Taurus’ expectations.


Gemini’s curiosity and spontaneity are very much in tune with Tony Stark’s own quest for knowledge and his seemingly erratic behavior. The Iron Man Mark IV (Holographic Version) is a futuristic, one-of-a-kind piece with amazing attention to detail. With over 30 points of articulation, swap-out parts, and LED light-up functions, it’s lots of fun to pose and makes a great talking point in any Marvel collection — which is sure to keep a Gemini amused!


Straddling both the emotional and material realms, Cancer’s intuitive nature might draw them to the Light Fury — a majestic and elusive dragon. Much like Cancer, the Light Fury is gentle by nature but fiercely protective when needed. Inspired by How To Train Your Dragon, this Light Fury Statue by Sideshow is an elegant depiction of the mysterious dragon and is painted with a pearlescent white sheen and blue accents to capture her dazzling appearance. Cancers will enjoy this graceful portrayal of a kindred spirit.


Wonder Woman is passionate and loyal, much like a Leo who will undoubtedly love this Cosbaby creation from Hot Toys. Dressed in her iconic gold outfit, this Wonder Woman Golden Armor Cosbaby brings the drama, just how Leos like it!


Virgo will appreciate the clean lines and perfect balance of this Thanos-inspired designer vinyl collectible. The bright colors of the gauntlet’s stones are in contrast with the sleek monochromatic finish of the Thanos (Infinity-Sized) Gloss White Edition Designer Collectible, making them a striking focal point. This unique collectible looks good on any shelf without overpowering a display, making it a logical choice for practical Virgo.


Channeling Libra’s sense of justice and diplomacy, the Optimus Prime Premium Scale Figure from Threezero brilliantly captures the noble leader of the heroic Autobots. This impressive piece stands at 19 inches tall, allowing for a good view of all the intricate details. Libra will definitely appreciate the weight and tactile finish of this diecast piece, as well as the carefully weathered paint and LED light-up features.


As intense and dynamic as a Scorpio, the Dragon Slayer: Warrior Forged in Flame Statue by Sideshow is exquisitely hand-painted and breathtakingly detailed with intricate scaled armor and bloodstained weapons. A testament to bravery and passion, the Dragon Slayer stands resolute and determined, emanating big Scorpio energy. After all, if anyone can withstand the fiery might of a dragon, it’s water sign Scorpio.


Sagittarius balances an intellectual mind with an adventurous spirit — excellent qualities for a Sorcerer Supreme! The power of astral plane projection and the ability to scry would certainly sate the Sagittarian need for freedom (and for knowledge too). Artist Alex Garner captures the mystical might of Doctor Strange in this vibrant fine art print as he channels his magic through the Eye of Agamotto. An inspiring piece of wall art for a Sagittarius!


Capricorns will appreciate the attention to detail in this stunning Teela Maquette from the Masters of the Universe Legends Series by Tweeterhead. As Captain of the Royal Guard, Teela embodies the ambitious yet reserved nature of Capricorns. This beautiful statue also comes with a swap-out portrait and is equipped with a sword and shield. This deftly sculpted piece is sure to be a hit with Capricorn collectors!


Combining beautiful artistry with a strong message, the Global Warning Polystone Statue from Mighty Jaxx is the perfect collectible for Aquarius, the creative activist. Made in collaboration with artist Kerby Rosanes, this piece was created using a double cast method, resulting in a stunning layered effect that shows an ominous skull beneath translucent water. The Global Warning Polystone Statue is every bit as unique as an Aquarius!


Empathetic and compassionate Pisces will immediately bond with The Child Life-Size Figure from Sideshow. The adorable breakout star of The Mandalorian is beautifully recreated in this stunningly realistic figure. From the fuzz on his wrinkled head all the way down to his tiny, toddling feet, The Child will capture their hearts.

For every sign, there’s a specific set of qualities and traits — they might fluctuate just like the stars themselves but often there’s also a little truth to astrology.

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